Vesi Oli Mustaa – The Water Was Black



SO! After getting lost into the woods in a drunken haze, my friend forgot to give me the comic I was going to dissect next. I HATE YOU! WE’RE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE!

..just kidding I love you please come back dude ❤

My plan was to take two Nina Von Rüdinger’s comics and snark them as a one chunk but.. this ended up better this way because every single page deserved their own dissection and redline. Honestly. Every page is absolutely terrible. Let’s start from the cover like always

Im either drunk or seducive

"I'm either drunk or seductive"-look

So, this comic is about a näkki – a finnish mythologic creature who eats people by drowning them(think of a kappa, but with shape-shifting abilities and none of that pansy waterbowl-on-head-stuff) and a milf.. er.. a mother who loses her child to a näkki and they make a deal – she’ll give the näkki some *winkwink* if he helps to bring her child back. The näkki is delighted and they go on their merry way of badly drawn animu.

Now, there’s one silly thing about this.. other than it being “manga” that is made in northern Europe. This comic was said to be the “first finnish manga!” but.. the person who drew this, and the dude who did the script(Karin Muammar, apparently) both live in Sweden. Nina hasn’t set a foot on Finland’s ground in five solid years. I’m not really that strict if the comics I dissect are 100 kilomeres here or there but.. yeah. FINLAAAAAND! FUCK YEAH! Besides, this comic is based on a finnish poem so meh.

Let’s get on with this..

She went quite creative on the covers:

So mysterious and stuff

So mysterious and stuff

ghh.. khh.. hrrrrrrnnnnggghhh… I’m sorry, but I just have to..



There. Re-did his terrible hair. I also wanted to do the skin but I don’t have the time to go trough this whole thing, because to be honest, this is so bad it needs to be completely re-done to the core. But honestly! Why doesn’t she understand that the top of the head should not be the part that is the most dark in shade! And the shadows on the skin make the guy look like he has a hole on his left chest muscle. The light source is all over the place!

Gladly the rest of the comic is b&w with half-tones because apparently half-tones equal instant mangaka. Instant mangaka! Just add water! And we got PLENTY in this comic here!

The “action” starts from Helsinki.. again. Just like in the previous finnmanga I dissected(Vartijat – Guardians)

HELSINKI. All there is to Finland! There is nothing else but Helsinki! ..and hobos shooting up heroin.

HELSINKI. All there is to Finland! There is nothing else but Helsinki! ..and hobos shooting up heroin.

Hey! More hobos! And I dont mean those happy drunks in the background, just LOOK at that woman! Shes on a pretty damn bad trip.

Hey! More hobos! And I don't mean those happy drunks in the background, just LOOK at that woman! She's on a pretty damn bad trip.

So what are they shooting up? Tears. I need to remember this when I run out of Smirnoff.

From the very start this comic makes no sense because of the bad storytelling.

Taste - dont swallow., Its just water..., And...

The last 3 frames: "Taste - don't swallow.", "It's just water...", "And..."

Apparently this should show some deep and dark emotion but all I see is a woman who stares into the emptiness, sheds a single tear and then the artist got an epileptic seizure.

..and ..wait ..what!? Is her shirt wacuum-sucked to grab her breasts or something!?


Look at this!



How can a female artist not know how to draw breasts!? How is it possible!! Can’t she just.. look into a mirror!? Or maybe she did? Oh god the mental images.

This isn’t some little girl by the way, this lady should know better. The previous comic was made by some underage kid but try to quess the age of this one. Come on, I dare you.

She’s over 30 years old. At least 32. Female. And she doesn’t know hot to draw breasts.

There’s in fact quite a lot of things that she should just.. know better. Like perspective:

Were too cool to have perspective in our lives. Everythings black and white.

We're too cool to have perspective in our lives. Everything's black and white.

This is what no perspective did to this poor man.

This is what no perspective did to this poor man.

And foreshortening:

Theres just.. no excuse.

There's just.. no excuse.

Oh, and take a look at this head:

uhhh... I can barely lift it

"uhhh... I can barely lift it"

Oh great. The main character is a giant-headed, neanderthal midget with vacuum-sucked breasts.

Kinda adorable though.

Kinda adorable though.

She occasionally does something right. Her line is really clear and not shaky in the least(oh how I wish to have a hand that steady) and.. just take a look at this caaaaaar!

I looooooove this car!

I looooooove this car!

Loooooooooove that car, man!

Also, this is pretty neat

Thats kinda neat, dude.

That's kinda neat, dude.

That bird skeleton is so good that I wonder how on earth does she do screaming mistakes in human anatomy like this

her spine! HER SPINE!

her spine! HER SPINE!

I suspect the reason is the lack of research. She was forced to do the skeleton for this one scene, but I doubt she can build a bird on it(crow or magpie, I presume). She has copied herself a style, not studied herself a style, and this is a common mistake by all “manga” artists or artists in general. Like you can only become manga/cartoon/comic/animator artist if you draw only in one style and don’t study realism or colour theory. Kids nowdays. When I was young..

But yes, also this horse is a bit better than what I thought it could be

Is that kid stoned or scared? Come on, put some emotion in it dude!

Is that kid stoned or scared? Come on, put some emotion in it dude!

The horse looks a bit like a llama, though. But I don’t care because llamas are fucking awesome.

Fucking Awesome!

Fucking Awesome!

See? We must appreciate the llama.

When she does things murky and dark enough to hide detail, she can do pretty snazzy stuff, but then again who can’t? Though this frame/half of a page really did an impression on me because everything is so white and suddenly.. this.



Shame it was unintentional. Everything is so white because the artist doesn’t shade for shit and uses the half-tones when she feels like it, apparently.

And MAN! This comic is hard to comprehend, try to tell me what happens here:





..because it really looks like everyone is just angry at this guy for playing violin. So angry that they strangle snakes. And there’s a giant fish.

In the middle of the comic, this appears without a warning:



and it lasted for several pages. See that dumb, barely readable font up there with number “5” in it? It’s supposed to tell you that a new chapter has begun. There’s a section in the beginning of this comic where’s page numbers for each chapter and the chapter names but.. THERE’S NO FRIGGIN’ PAGE NUMBERS ON THE PAGES! I’d have to count them myself to find that tiny “find Waldo’s chapter”-text. The first time I read this I didn’t realise this even had chapters, so when this chibi-comic suddenly started I thought the comic ended or something. It was so out of place.

achondroplasia - almost like chibis anyway

achondroplasia - almost like chibi's anyway

One of the things I really can’t forgive the author for is doing the smirk

Oh great, a smirking Thogh Guy in manga. How original. Will he also lick blood off of his claws?

Oh great, a smirking Thogh Guy in "manga". How original. Will he also lick blood off his claws?

But at least she doesn’t make the nipples non-existent like most real manga does. Though I almost wish she did.

You make my nipples hard, baby. Oh yeah!

"You make my nipples hard, baby. Oh yeah!"

PFFFFT! Oh man.. now thats what Id call a.. manboob.

PFFFFT! Oh man.. now that's what I'd call a.. manboob.

By the way, here’s another quiz! Try to tell me what’s supposed to happen here

durp? derp? erk? huh?

durp? derp? erk? huh?

Honestly, try to quess what happens.

That old dude is supposed to be a näkki in other form, and that young lad with manboob is him again, trying to lure that little boy to him but the boy ran away(Hmm… previously that same epilepsy-effect was used to convey emotion but now movement? Or was it also movement in the first time? Or is it emotion again!?). Why they don’t even show one morph is beyond me, it would be pretty damn awesome visually and also help to get the readers like “Ohh! He’s a shape-shifter” so you don’t have to make him shift in front of the audience again, they know what is happening after that.

There IS text telling that he shape-shifts but.. it’s an old finnish poem. Like hundred and over so it’s hard to follow. I can’t get my head around cartoon astists who rely on text and cut out all the cool stuff, like the morphing here. It makes no  sense, write a book if you’re not visual, sheesh!

Despite all the mistakes, the boobs, anatomy, perspective, bad storytelling, it really got to me that she Just Can’t draw facial expressions. It’s all the same “:o”-face.

Express yourself, woman!

Express yourself, woman!

Oh for frog’s sake! Are you even trying?! That looks like she put her hands together to look cute and is going “meowww” when in reality, she’s actually seeing a dead body hanging from a noose. Even that little white “blib” doesn’t add to her emotion because it’s barely noticable, and the eyes don’t match with the mouth in their “emotion”. Those are the basics of cartoon expressions, too! It’s not like the super-seekrit technique, it’s very widely known.

Remember, these are not just hand-picked scenes, all the pages are this bad. Every single one of them. Every frame. And the artist is over 30 years old. There’s just no excuse whatsoever!

At least this was read from left to right

the water was.. pee?

the water was.. pee?

When my dear friend finds her way out of the woods, and into my cottage again, I will have Nina Rüdiger’s newest creation. I haven’t read it yet myself, so I have no idea what to expect.

What do you think? Has she.. improved? Or got worse?

To be continued..

jiggle jiggle

jiggle jiggle

PS. Photobucket thought the man-boob was blatant porn:




9 Responses to “Vesi Oli Mustaa – The Water Was Black”

  1. January 31, 2009 at 10:45 pm

    Photobucket wants to tell you that it feels throughly violated.

    • 2 finnishcomicsdissected
      January 31, 2009 at 10:58 pm

      HAH! And for a reason, that comic is pretty awful.

      But seriously now. The first picture was the same kind than the cover is(nipples) and the second was a MAN’s chest taken straight from the comic, but even photobucket thought it was a vulgar boob. I’ll go and fix the links..

  2. 3 Anonymous
    February 1, 2009 at 2:55 pm

    Dohoho, well played.
    The interesting thing about this artist is that you can sort of tell when she’s used reference as some of the drawings have suspiciously good anatomy.
    It’s gotten less obvious in Oblivion High, though. She’s learned a lot.

    • 4 finnishcomicsdissected
      February 5, 2009 at 4:39 am

      I’m still kinda bad at answering to comments here. Let’s try if I fail now.

      Thank you. I read trough and dissected the Oblivion High now. She might actually be learning something.

  3. May 24, 2009 at 8:25 pm

    this is just awesome. Thanks for the great blog

  4. 7 Essi
    January 1, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    It`s been quite a while since this comic was brought from.. somewhere, but I still want to annoy those who paid full prise. Little while ago Prisma sold these one euro per piece.

    • 8 Comic Dissector
      January 6, 2010 at 5:50 pm

      Oooh! burrrn!

      Also; it sounds like that comic didn’t sell quite well. It was a mistake to sell it as a normal comic book instead of a pocket book, like Varijat.

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