Vartijat 2 – Guardians 2

They seriously did it. They made another episode, and I of course cannot shut up about it.

So after Elli Puukangas failed pretty hard with Vartijat issue 1# she was granted the help of her friend Pauliina Högman. We’ll see where this will lead us.

Just like the last time the fail starts right from the covers itself.

That lady is one big tube with arms, geez. Her neck starts straight from the chest! You know what that means?


It still is thousand times better than the last cover. In fact, I feel like Pauliina Högman could’ve done better with it if her friend hadn’t fucked up so bad with the last cover, so she had to give her some benefit of the doubt and not be so amazing so her friend wouldn’t be ashamed of her utter lack of skills. Those washed-out edges, lensflare, and fucking ugly green frames were on the first issue because Elli could only draw on A4-size printer paper and did the cover on that, and didn’t think how it would fit properly on the finished product.

I recieved a comment about this comic where I was told Pauliina would be taking part, and I winced because she did a shittastic comic called “Shakkimatti” a few years back. She won a prize for it, but it failed to impress me because it won only because it was the least shitty of the shitpile.

And then I found her newer production

That’s.. not half bad, you know. I actually have high hopes for this comic now.

You better not dissapoint me

First page greets me with Elli’s shit, and for the next few pages it keeps raping my eyes with crap like this:

She didn’t even bother erasing the pencil sketches underneath!

We're all seeing in double because one person was lazy


I can’t do this.. I want to die. I don’t want to live in a world where we have something this shitty. Or I at least need a drink.

AHH I think that’ll do for a while..

Kerri still looks like el chubacabra and Elli has clearly stopped even trying to make him look like a fox rather than a failed Ginga trace.

Would it really be too hard to google “fox”?? Or no, wait! She certainly has fererenced a real fox. Kerri has split pupils, and many don’t know foxes have those. How can you know such a detail and still fail to make a fox even the right size! And we’re not even on the page ten yet..

So the comic goes on..

..like last time..

..just as shittily

..no ..wait

what was that?

I can’t belive it! Vartijat actually has good art in it! Soon the galxies will explode, hell will freeze and Lordi will take over the world! Who would’ve expected this to happen! Not me.

I have never seen the main character – Seiya this clean and consistent. I love his looks! This girl has one steady hand and clean linework skills. How come I never saw her potential before?

Oh yeah.. because she wasn’t being compared to Elli Puukangas. But I’ll give her a chanse. Let’s read in deeper.

A new character is introduced. Not only do we have, Aino, Seiya and Kerri

I mean this sorry lot. Yes, I didn't bother scanning them all again, this is from the first issue. I'm lazy, ok?!

but we also got Noki now

He’s supposed to be quirky and energetic trollthing but like the rest of the cast, he doesn’t have any kind of personality. We just got another goddamn character that the cartoonists don’t even remember to draw in the background and mess up the consistensy of the story even worse than ever.

So when they have acquired Noki they meet a moose.

And it’s the most adorable thing since Moomin! Just look at it!

I love you Moose!

Why is Elli still drawing this when we got actual skill here!? Why do they let her to maul, ruin and destroy this comic like this? What kind of a sick, horrible human being gives comic readers hope and then takes it away with horrors like these?!

Let’s compare a bit. I’ll give y’all a good taste of how inconsistent this comic really is.

The style really jumps that much, and all of a sudden. When it’s from Elli’s style to Pauliina’s it’s like being blessed by god, and when it’s inverted.. you can just imagine.

The plot is just as bland and un-mentionworthy as ever.

That stupid amulet is stolen and retireved. Dunno why or what it does. Maybe it will glow if someone with a brave heart touches it or some stupid, korny shit like that.

Noki isn’t true arya.. er.. goblin even that he lives with them. His father was a dirty nig.. um.. troll so he’s not pure of blood and he’s all emo and different for it.

Though I have to admit, this was the best scene in the whole comic – when the parents of Noki were shown. I actually was sympathetic for them and formed a deeper bond to them than to any of the main characters during both of the issues.

In the very end it halts to a cliffhanger when Aino is injured seriously. Shame that I don’t really care about her.. or any of the main characters to begin with, so the whole cliffhanger is pretty moot.

Do you really think one of the most central characters would die in this comic? Especially after flashing some thigh for the main character

In other words: you can see all the plot twists coming from miles away. I don’t really recommend reading this for the script. Read it for the Pauliina, who is clearly a new, rising talent.

But even Pauliina Högman is not safe from mistakes. She seems to suffer from terrible inconsistensy problems just like Elli Puukangas.

Chameleon sword

Chameleon hair:

Chameleon fox:

I will have to give her benefit of the doubt, though. Ihave no idea how much of her mistakes are because she tried to keep up with Elli’s terrible drawings (I’m quite sure Kerri’s weird appearance is because of that) and trying to stay in deadline.

To be honest, when all that is taken in consideration, she was really good with this. Elli couldn’t do half of what she could do or do so clean and neat art while under pressure. I feel like one of these two girls is nearly ready professional cartoonist, and I don’t think I need to tell you which one it is.

Though, this is absolutely unforgivable

It’s a fox, not a horse! Those legs are broken and mangled!

Hm. I quess that is it.

OH NO! ..I'll have to dissect it 😦

I’ll see you soon.. very soon





34 Responses to “Vartijat 2 – Guardians 2”

  1. 1 Link
    December 23, 2009 at 12:33 pm

    Pahahaha ‘Dirty Nig-um. Troll’ You and your racist jokes, I saw the filename of the black guy in one of your previous posts >3
    When I read the snippet of the second one the first thing I noticed was the pencil lines, I pulled a face that closely resembles this -> ಠ_ಠ

    Funnily enough, Puukangas used to be a very impressive artist, but now…http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2009/346/d/3/Happy_Christmas_by_erwil.jpg
    Not entirely sure what happened but yeah…

    Furry’s are invading your dissections >8D

    Merry Christmas to you too, you crazy laugh bringing man, you ❤

    • 2 Comic Dissector
      January 6, 2010 at 5:45 pm

      I think I am a bit less sensitive to english rude words as I am not native in that language. I doubt anyone will take my jokes seriously anyway :’D
      I’d like to know what went trough the heads of the press, her crew or publisher when they let the comic have the pencil lines.. just wtf.

      I don’t think she was ever particularly good. She went from a copycat/tracer to an amateur who never learned the tecniques. She would have a chance if she would do the very basic things – pick up an anatomy book and go to a dramaturgy/movie class, but she tried to go straight to the press.
      She might’ve been cruelly ripped straight to a world where she was way too inexperienced, though. I sincerely hope she has enough sense in her to get around her ego, and sincerely start learning.

      Ps. Happy new year, too.

      • 3 Link
        January 6, 2010 at 7:22 pm

        Ha, good point.
        Same…did they even check it? I mean, don’t they have standards? Or is it just the whole ‘craving for home-made manga’ thing you talked about?

        OK, so she was ALOT better at one point before lol, now, giant heads, arms that are shorter than their cocks…grief. Does she even LOOK at what she’s drawing?
        I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m an artist myself and I make mistakes but, SRSLY. ಠ_ಠ
        She did jump in far too early, her first published work was such a rip-off of so many things, I doubt it’s as well known as she once claimed to me it was. Or at least, if it is well known, it’s probably for all the wrong reasons…

        I doubt she will, I honestly do, she’s looking into publishing something else quickly as we speak. D:

        I dread to think how much you drank lol

    • 4 Comic Dissector
      January 9, 2010 at 12:27 am

      I think it might just be that. They just want to milk this cow before it gets too old, so they pump out finnmanga as fast as possible.

      She never learned anatomy so things went downhill as she progresses in her “style”. That image you linked also shows how she haven’t learned much about coloring digitally. For her sake, I wish she would spend more time learning.
      You seem to have talked to her alot, were you friends or something? She’s with the big publishers, but this comic is not a particularly big hit or anything.

      Seriously? I need to learn more about this..

      I actually drank very moderately u_u I was passed out only for two days and found only on a juniper and not a spruce like last year.

      • 5 Link
        January 9, 2010 at 6:02 pm

        Not friends no, but she accused me of stealing her works. Then she became hypocritical, saying she didn’t want me to change anything, but admit I got stuff from her, then saying I would never be anything or get anywhere because she was here first, and had been in this business for longer.

        About a month afterwards my works were found by one of her retarded friends (who happens to be a thief wtf?), she posted me fucking EVERYWHERE, I was flamed and trolled to shit for every day for about a month, it died down for a while, then Puukangas told everyone to lay off, because she’d contacted the dA Help Desk, who’d said ‘The characters in question hold superficial similarities, but they are different enough to be considered a different character no action is needed here’
        In other words, very few petty similarities.

        2 DAYS?!
        Lord man! Think about your liver!! xD

        (For the record, I’m not stupid enough to get anything published until I learn more, I have very high standards, and I don’t want a failure for a first publishment, I’m prepared to wait instead of rushing in for the sake of it, art is my passion, I don’t want to fuck it up.)

  2. 6 Somethingwitty
    January 9, 2010 at 10:57 pm

    Oh shi– :O

    Sorry to bump in, but I remember something about that drama, Link. One of my friends showed your gallery to me, but in the end I wasn’t really intrested about the whole thing, since then I didn’t know who Elli was or what really was going on.

    But, to be honest… Some of your concepts do indeed share kind of striking similarities to Elli’s concepts. But I don’t mean to say that you actually copied her, sometimes it can happen that two separate people come up design-ideas that are really similar. (And in the end the concept of the story and the personalities of the characters is the most important, of course their looks and designs are also important but the way the characters act and how they are used is the thing that matters, and I believe that you character differs from Elli’s as in the story/personality)
    Also every picture you have/had really are drawn by you so you really didn’t steal her work or anything. Besides, nobody can copyright ideas for designs, for example horns or bi-coloured eyes.

    Also even if she was angry it is pretty rude to say that you wouldn’t have any chance in the bussines and that you would never become anything. And that trolling and flaming wasn’t nice either, though it was her fans that did it…

    And for the publishing something; I think the same, one shouldn’t rush with these things. I think that for example Sangatsu Manga should’ve had waited in publishment of Vartijat and given Elli more time to draw/learn or searched more experienced artist. I wouldn’t like to say that they did this only for money, but honestly, when one of the people who works with Vartijat basically says that “Yeah of course we wanted our comic to be The First Finnmanga Series! We wanted our manga to come out before Oblivion High!” (Oblivion High was about to be released too at the same time) well, yeah… Why is it so important to be first and then just fuck up the whole thing? Patience could help.

    • 7 Link
      January 9, 2010 at 11:18 pm

      Bump in all you like lol, I’m glad you’re taking the approach that my flamers didn’t :3

      I say the same thing as I say to everyone who accused me, take the horns away and you wouldn’t look twice. (It would appear I am now not as anonymous as I thought after revealing so much >3) I’m not saying they’re the only similarities, I’d be retarded to say that, but it’s the thing that grabbed all the negative attention.

      Copyrighting those things can be done to an extent, but like you said, not just horns or eyes that aren’t the same color, stupid amounts of people have done that before us, I knew that, I know most of my stuff was done before me, I like the challenge of coming into the art world so late and trying to be original, it’s one of the fun things about this hobby.

      What she said to me was something I never made public, for her sake. Just like how I hid the comments of my flamers, people don’t seem to understand JUST how badly those things can affect not just the victim, but the culprit, and people you wouldn’t even think of.

      I did say it was her fans, I don’t doubt that for a second, she doesn’t strike me at all as being the type of person to ‘send people after me’. I know the one person who did it, who started it all, they have a fuck-off sized vendetta against me. It’s almost amusing, if it wasn’t so pitiful lol.

      Again on the publishing thing, once you’ve published it, it cannot be unpublished ._. Once this thing is created, you can almost NEVER destroy all evidence, and my works and stories mean alot to me, I want to do them justice. The least I can do is improve to a point where I think I’m ready and feel comfortable taking on this workload. It’ll help me alot too. As well as the viewers eyes 8D

      Now I’m very curious as to who you are o.o I’ve seen your posts before, so I know you’re not some random person whose found this and is here just to reply to me. Tis a small world 😀

      (and you’re not gossiping, what you’re saying is pretty much to do with me, and I’m here am I not? I don’t mind conversations like this, I’m always happy to explain :3)

      • 8 Comic Dissector
        January 10, 2010 at 12:30 am

        To be honest, if she told it forward to someone who made it public, it was probably done on purpose. This whole “I’m a great artist, this person made me baww” is the oldest and most pathetic tactic in the book. Pretty much every bloaty-ego deviantart user has used it when they felt their precious art had been under threath (when it really wasn’t in the first place)

        But I really don’t know the situation so meh.
        But I really know sparkledog drama. There’s only so many combinations of anime dog + colours + trinkets that they WILL overlap at some point. Look here: http://community.livejournal.com/anti_sparkledog/ there’s always drama of how OMG! my super-original pink dog with rainbow socks is stolen!!!1 And the one who’s more famous will always win because they have an angry horde of fans to lash on people.

        Oh, and I think it’s okay if you publish shit once. It’s pretty inevitable. But it’s different when someone just keeps doing it over and over again, or clearly without a doubt has no talent and no story to tell whatsoever. And it’s still good to practise before acting, and sometimes the publishing itself may be the practise.

  3. 9 Somethingwitty
    January 9, 2010 at 11:00 pm

    Ack now I feel bad about gossiping about people behind their backs… Oh well. Just sharing my thoughts o_o

  4. 10 Link
    January 10, 2010 at 12:53 am

    I’m not an idiot, I wouldn’t make a huge deal out of it, plus I’m good at mind games, turning basic human psychology and fears against them is easy. I made the flamers feel horrible, half of them came begging to me for forgiveness. I never once addressed her via journal either, I only ever made one journal to the flamers, explaining just how badly what they were doing could affect them, dA, Puukangas herself, and her personal site. Like I’d feed her ego with a giant “B’AAAAWWW THIS ARTIST CALLED ME A THIEF I’M LEAVING TEH INTERBEWBZ”.

    Believe me, I’ve never been one to B’AAAWW, it’s just not my style, and it’s so pathetic.
    Now it makes me wonder if you now know who I am *glares* they’re fookin’ onto me D8

    And what makes you think it was Sparkledog? lol I only have very few canine characters, I don’t see the big fuss in them personally. There are much better animals to fuck up. Like Eagles, or Kangaroo’s OR FOOKING DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS’S OMG.
    Dem things are awesum.
    That LJ thing is stupid, I like your blog because it points out mistakes and shows how to improve. That place is just retarded. I can imagine one of my pieces is on there somewhere -_-‘

    Ah indeed publishing is a practice in itself, but I want to get better at what I am publishing before I move on to practicing that:D

    • 11 Comic Dissector
      January 10, 2010 at 1:14 am

      Haha, don’t worry, I was just referring to the drama altogether, I don’t know the situation after all.

      Sparklesnark is actually pretty laid-back place. Most of the people there are actually fans with some sense of humor to laugh at themselves, they often post their own sparkleanimals there, but just don’t take the fandom seriously. The amount of sparkle is pretty hilarious, after all.
      Oh, and I’m sure there’s pretty much every animal in sparkle version too (when someone tries to be more “original”) which makes this phemomena even more hilarious.

      It’s all about the ablity laugh at yourself, and see your own stuff from a different point of view. I mean.. look at me! I fucking love my country, the comics and the people, but I still make a big show of the bad side I find of it. I belive this makes it grow.

      That’s the spirit >:3

      • 12 Link
        January 10, 2010 at 1:22 pm

        If you could read my artists comments, oh god, all the pictures I’m laughing at myself xD

        I’m gonna check that thing out more today, I don’t wanna look at all of the links because. Well, one only has so much sanity xD

        WOW, this has become very interesting hasn’t it >8D

  5. 13 Somethingwitty
    January 10, 2010 at 9:34 am

    Link; don’t worry, I’m just nobody on the internet 😀 I just lurk around, I’ve never commented to the Elli’s page or your page or anything. So yeah, you don’t need to worry that I was one of Elli’s friends or something, or that I would go around and tell people about these comments, I won’t. What happens in FCD, stays in FDC 😀

    And that’s true what you said about art, that nowadays it’s hard or could I say almost impossible to come up with something that isn’t done before.

  6. 15 Somethingwitty
    January 10, 2010 at 10:44 am

    Oh yeah, and about publishing; I can see publishment as a good practise when it’s about self-publishment. But when it comes from a big publishment house, they are there to make money and not practise.
    So yeah, one can be more forgiving to some self-published books, but honestly, you don’t publish something like Vartijat from a big publishment house… If you aren’t Ville Ranta or something 😀

    • 16 Link
      January 10, 2010 at 1:29 pm

      Don’t worry, I didn’t think you were scheming against me or anything, it’s just I read in one of the previous pages about you having done some paid art work, I was interested in seeing your stuff:D

      Though it does make me wonder, if Puukangas ever found this place, or indeed has already. If this was me in her position, there is not a chance in HELL I would make dramu out of this, I wouldn’t want every single one of my fans seeing what I did for a ‘serious’ publishment. 5 FINGERS WTF.
      Though if she ever did link to this, hats off to her, I mean SRSLY I couldn’t link people to something like this if it was mine. The shame would be too great.
      I can imagine it would stir up alot more unwanted negative attention with me too “Oh look, guess who that is commenting? It’s _____!! What a surprise!”
      Despite how I’ve actually said good things about her and been level headed. Fans are usually retarded, well, the majority. As demonstrated by them to me previously.

      I’ve learnt even more things!:D I plan to do self-publishment for my own reasons. Not go through a company or anything, so I might consider doing a few practices before I go onto my main works.

      • 17 Somethingwitty
        January 10, 2010 at 2:33 pm

        Yeah, some of my drawings have been published in small newspapers. Usually they have only been single pictures, but one magazine published couple of my comics (which were quite horrible, lol, I did those when I was lot younger… well gladly it was a small magazine and they most likely have been forgotten :’D)

        I don’t have any proper online portfolio, though I’ve been thinking that some day I should make one. I used to be more active at dA at some point, but nowadays I’ve basically deserted my account, and just mainly use it for lurking and commenting&watching the works of my friends. I don’t know, at some point I just grew tired for dA and decided to take down my works.

        Yah, I also wouldn’t dare to start drama here. I admit that I would be really ashamed if Vartijat was drawn by me… I can’t help but feel bad for her, though. As Mr. Dissecter has said, she could be a decent artist if she practised more. I think one of the biggest problems in Vartijat is her inking… If only the pictures were inked better it could make a notable improvement.
        Inking is really tricky, it can look so goddamn heavenly if done by talented artist, but then again it can rape even the good sketches if the artist doesn’t pay attention.

  7. 18 Link
    January 10, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    I do have problems with inking every now and again, but god, she has access to photoshop, that can fix almost anything, why she didn’t I’ll never know.

    I think it’s stupid to become fully content with your work, there’s ALWAYS something you can improve on, there’s nothing wrong with being proud or liking your work (I need to learn how to do that :’D) but even the most talented artists make mistakes. I have some horrible illnesses atm, and it REALLY shows in my art, but I refuse to let it get the best of me, I keep on trying and learning. Hopefully one day I will be good enough |3

    We’ll see, perhaps she does know of it, or maybe in like 5 years time she’ll find it and we’ll have all forgotten and we’ll laugh uncontrollably at the awesome memories we have of this blog and at her reaction 8D
    I echo what I said before- I WOULD feel sorry for her- if she hadn’t been such a stuck-up bitch to me xD

    • 19 Somethingwitty
      January 10, 2010 at 3:59 pm

      You’re right, nobody should just think “whelp, I’m good now so why should I try to improve?” I know that I’m not the shittiest artist there is, but I’m not the best either. And I will ever be, but that doesn’t bother me. I still want to get better.

      It’s sad to see some artists that truly have potential, but who think that they don’t need to improve since they already get praised from the work they do now. I knew this one girl who didn’t respect her teachers when they tried to tell her she should try to improve and try new things. It was a pity to see how once a top artist went to being just medicore while everybody else around her kept getting better.

      • 20 Link
        January 10, 2010 at 4:09 pm

        You hit the nail on the head, thinking you’re good and that’s it means you’ll start to get worse. But you won’t realize it because you’re so chocked on your own ego. Then your art will deteriorate and you won’t notice. Possibly one day you’ll realize when it’s too late.

        I never got the negative approach on improvement and study, I really enjoy it, and it’s refreshing to take a break from your usual stuff and trying out something new, then evolving to fit your style.

  8. January 14, 2010 at 11:28 pm

    Holy shit. I saw this comic in a market and I laughed so hard when I saw that ginga-moose. I just browsed the whole thing through and lazily threw it back in the pile. This shit aint’ worth my 6 euros.

    Holy shit numero 2. 6 euros for that crap. Does someone actually buy AND enjoy this!?

    • 22 Comic Dissector
      January 17, 2010 at 4:30 pm

      Apparently some people have even favourite characters from this series.. which is stupid because no one has any personality whatsoever. I forgot to add the quiz in the end to this entry! There was “what character are you quiz” and I did it 3 times with mixed results and it made no sense because none of the characters were so defined that they would have their “own mind” so the answers for the questions would’ve given a proper answer. Durr hurr blargh.

      Oh, and I visited your DA
      District9 was better than Avatar >:|! Let’s have a fist fight over this!! lol

      • January 29, 2010 at 6:08 pm

        Ughh… That just strengthens my belief that any mediocre product satisfies the masses these days. Oh and if I had actually bothered to read the comic I strongly believe the moose would totally have been my favorite character. It had most personality out of them all judging by the looks. I demand a link to that quiz!

        District 9 was totally a better movie than Avatar. No fist fight needed there. (I’m just a real sucker for ~pwetty things~ which Avatard was full of. Blaw! D:) Thank you kindly for the visit though. 🙂

    • 24 Link
      January 17, 2010 at 7:55 pm

      Sorry to be a jerk and comment leech, but “ginga-moose”, that made me lol.

  9. 25 Inquisition
    January 19, 2010 at 2:03 pm

    It’s interesting to see supposedly grown adults engage in character assassinations when they haven’t the slightest inkling of the “character”, nor said character’s extant situation in real life. I think a grasp of Ms Puukangas’ situation at the time would prove a little sobering for those choosing to indiscriminately criticise her; severe financial concerns, difficult personal issues, significant family problems and the impersonal demands of a publisher that contributed to a drastic decline in her health.

    I suspect a demand from an unscrupulous publisher (when you’re scratching for enough money to feed both yourself and a bone idle house mate that won’t work) seemed like a way of alleviating these problems, at least in the short term. I further suspect those that don’t have the slightest clue what that feels like are not in a position to comment on it. Maybe I’m wrong, of course – potentially those that have never experienced such a dire situation WILL know exactly how it feels and can form an opinion of authority on the topic.

    I strongly doubt it, somehow.

    If you wish to criticise comics, that’s fine; you seem to think that’s your “job”. But spare the blogosphere your personal views about the artist, especially when that artist was just as disgusted and ashamed at the abject quality of what was published as you purport to be. All told, your juvenile slavering smacks of a large deficiency in social development, probably born out of a delusion of online grandeur.

    Books are inanimate. Artists and authors are not.

    Grow up.

    • 26 Anonymous
      January 19, 2010 at 7:36 pm

      Hi Erwil, cry more.

    • 27 Comic Dissector
      January 19, 2010 at 7:49 pm

      I have not made a single claim that she is a bad person. I am sure Elli is a loving person who has gone trough ups and downs in her life and I personally hold the opinion that the publishers gave her too much work and too much responsibility out of sheer greed, and I have said this in numerous comments and in my dissections, too.

      But let’s face it – this comic was complete shit when it was drawn by her. She is not a professional and I have serious doubts of her ever becoming one, not because she is under pressure but because she just plain and simple lacks any promise. I wish her to prove me wrong, though, and I’m sure it will happen when she gets her life together.

      I have also seen the drama she has created when she had received critique, and she showed very little effort or interest to correct anything. I don’t discriminate people if they are young, female, ill or even all of these together. I will always give my honest opinion about their ART and I touch their persona only if it shows straight in their art. Like arrogance, greed, lack of motive or laziness.

      But you’re right about one thing.. I haven’t emphasized enough about the greed of the publishers who use young, little girls as their punching bags to pump out comics as fast as possible, I just scratched the surface and made it look like it’s Elli who’s the problem, when she’s under so much stress.. but what can I do? If I say that the book is awesome out of pity, I will just contribute to the problem and the poor girl is under even more pressure. It would be like buying a dog from a puppy mill – they will pump out more sickly “products” when the real problem lays in much higher.

    • 28 Nero
      January 22, 2010 at 2:06 am

      I must say, this is one of the WORST attempts at trying to defend and artist I’ve seen.
      First of all, your use of ‘Assassinations’, you think everyone here thinks that no-one can see what we’re writing? You think we’re all secret here? No, this is all a bit of fun, it’s all in good humor, we are not “hiding behind something and taking down a character in secret”, no. It’s public, you could comment after all could you not?
      Either that or you’ve been playing too much AC (I don’t blame you, good game)

      Second, you seem to make up ALOT of stuff in order to ‘validate’ your argument. Like insinuating that we all beleive we’re mature adults behaving in a civilized way. No, this is all a laugh, none of us have claimed to be adults, you just made that up.

      You think personal situation should affect this as much as you think it does? No. Please, don’t preach a financial situation when she could afford to buy WoW every month. I’ve lived on the streets for some of my life, and, I can safely say, a little bit of money goes a HELL of a long way. Please, do not speak on the behalf of everyone here, it’s just so rude, childish, and frankly, out of order. For the record, I happen to be an artist myself, and a heavily ill one at that. Some days I cannot even get out of bed, it hurts to move, it hurts to breathe, I’m prone to collapsing, I can’t even go out, and when I do, I have to be accompanied. I had to drop out of education, and now I can’t even get a job. My only chance at making it in life is through my art, which isn’t a bad thing no, because that’s what I want to do in life, but I don’t like the thought that that’s the ONLY thing I can do.
      Puukangas had 2 jobs if I remember correctly? She could go out, get her food, but things, she could talk to people, answer the phone, she was able to do all those things. Me, not being able to, I can safely say, I envy her situation ALOT, I wish I could do that stuff, she’s luckier than she thinks. And it’s point blank stupid to rely totally on a freelance job. Search for “WildSpiritWolf”, she receives around £50 a time for a commission, and gets about 20-80 customers a day, even she’s not stupid enough to completely rely on such an unreliable job.

      You say you’re not an artist? Fair enough, not many people are, but let me explain something to you about art.
      When you draw you ‘feel’ what you are drawing (no not in some stupid spiritual connection way) I mean your body feels the shape, drawing is the ability to replicate the shapes, know which ones to use when and where, we only use our eyes to guide us. Did you ever do that thing at school when you had to draw something with your eyes shut, then open your eyes and you’d all laugh at how ridiculous it looked? All that is the shape, you know what to draw, your eyes are the final touch. Even with your eyes shut, you’d still be able to feel if what you were drawing is wrong, even with your eyes shut, you wouldn’t be able to draw 5 fingers, it’s not even hard to look down at your own hand when you are drawing, and see there are infact 4 fingers, not 5.
      And bleive me, it’s not hard to get rid of pencil lines on photoshop, you only have to put the brightness and contrast setting differently, and that takes like 3 clicks. I can honestly only think of one reason she would do that and that is laziness. Photoshop can fix anything, yet she didn’t bother. And at the end of the day, what would have happened if she couldn’t have met the deadline? Nothing. Hogman was taking over anyway (forgive misspelling, I have an English keyboard), it’s not like the publishers would have hunted her down and killed her. She was moving anyway. It wouldn’t affect her business, not that she even uses publishers anyway (which is fine, I can think of a million reasons why self publishing is better).

      He never said it was his ‘job’ again, you’re making things up so you can have a more solid ground, this is all fun, as mentioned MANY times before, anybody who takes this seriously has to some issues, let’s face it, Comic Dissector doesn’t exactly make himself look perfect himself does he? And I don’t think he cares about ‘the image’ you’re getting of him. He draws himself in a CORSET for christs sake.

      A crucial part of being an adult is being able to detatch yourself emotionally from a situation, if you were to go to a job interview and sit there being aggressive, with a horrible attitude, try saying “I’ve been having a bad day” to the employer, he will kick your ass out down the street faster than you can blink. You can’t handle this situation very well AT ALL. It’s just so obvious that you didn’t think before you commented. You try and make it seem mature yet it’s just so childish and hypocritical. I know I’m not the only one who knows what emotions you were experiencing before and whilst writing this. And why you did it. Puukangas is not ‘special’, this blog was not made for her, she just happens to be yet another artists who made a piece of fail that ended up here. Search the internet, even her earliest works were criticized in the same manner, for the same mistakes. This isn’t the only site that can tell just how badly done Vartijat was. Why don’t you look back over the previous posts? Comic Dissector has indeed learnt that crucual part of being an adult, he’s a total bastard during the dissection but in the comments he shows alot of pity and sympathy for her and her situation. Did you conveniently miss that? Or were you just so eager to explode all over this joint?
      Trying to insult everyone will get you no-where, learn how to handle things in a mature manner, I would suggest, you take your own advice here, instead of forcing it so much on others. You could use it too, believe me.

      If you are indeed who I think you are then you’ve just proved what Comic Dissector said about her and criticism, she just can’t handle it, if she didn’t care, she would have stopped you. But I can imagine quite well the exact scenario that went on here. This should help an artist improve, but I guess even her ego couldn’t handle her posting this to her dA to hear her fans say “o no erwil ur art is so kawaii desu n_n”. Good move too, I’d kill myself if I spouted something like this.

      The last thing I’ll say is, your ENTIRE argument is based on “You’re not taking into consideration the person behind the art here! She was ill/out of money/whatever excuse here”, then you complain about him making personal comments about her? When you’ve just said that technically, he should? This confuses me. People need to make up their minds.

      I would ask you to indeed calm down before making further comments, it’ll help both of you. And of course, if you are the person I think you are and you’re still together after a few years then you’ll both look back on this, and regret it.

      Thank you for your time.

  10. 29 Inquisition
    January 20, 2010 at 11:25 am

    I’m not suggesting anyone should praise substandard work, in any medium; this leads to a continued dropping of standards and fosters dishonesty. However, I think a quick reality check is in order with the rest of your post (and I’ll ignore the entry that precedes it for the pointless attempt at inflammation that it is).

    A “critic” should be able to effectively judge work he considers poor without resorting to a constant stream of expletives. I understand you’re not conversing in your primary language and that confusion can ensue as a result, yet you seem to have picked up enough english to contribute curses like “fuck” and “shit” with gay abandon. When you add that to the deliberate choice of emotive terms such as “lazy” or “untalented”, you’re insulting an artist on a personal level without knowing anything about them, personally.

    Of course, you’d argue otherwise – but the burden of proof is at your door.

    “…could’ve done better with it if her friend hadn’t fucked up so bad…”
    “…ashamed of her utter lack of skills.”
    “…could only draw on A4-size printer paper…”

    That’s only from the first paragraph of your dissection; I’ll leave the rest of your quips out for the sake of brevity. So, if we add your choice of language to the assumed appreciation you have of callous publishing demands, we notice one fact contradicting the other because you illustrate no appreciation of those demands in the above quotes. In short, your choice of language is deliberately designed as a stream of personal slights on an individual you don’t know. Because I don’t generally indulge in character assassinations, I’ll let you ask the man in the mirror why that is.

    Now, I’m no comic critic – nor even someone who really likes comics at all, if I’m honest. But looking at this one, as well as its predecessor, I don’t see a lack of talent (but acutely understand my bias) on the part of the artists; I see a lot of different things.

    A lack of production flair.
    A lack of time.
    A lack of inspiration.
    A lack of genuine interest.
    A lack of attention, particularly to detail.

    To my untrained eye, I see a product with no editing whatsoever nor any mastering (musical terms, I’m afraid), and a result that looks like an almost unrelated selection of half-finished sketches that were hashed together into an edited storyline just to make them fit.

    To abridge, I see a short-term demand placed on an artist who had no interest in the project.

    With your assumed level of comic understanding that eclipses mine, your failure to see it (and, more importantly, failure to express it in a critical piece) casts very serious dispersions on your qualification as a critic at all.

    Now, I can fully appreciate your need to remain consistent – this is as it should be. A critic of any kind must deem all work faceless in order for any objective opinion to be formed. But something tells me that no person, much less an author, would take particularly kindly to the kind of criticism that revolves around foul language and personal barbs. To then use Internet drama as some form of vindication for your behaviour, AFTER being the cause is, I’m sorry, laughable.

    It won’t wash with anyone capable of critical thinking.

    To finish this entry, I’ll admit that this is your blog and you are of course free to express yourself in any way you see fit. I apologise for arriving as a guest and treating you, the host, with such hostility. However, I know what this type of “criticism” does to young and impressionable artists who, in most cases, require the support of people like you; not your ire.

    Here is my recommendation:

    Sticking with my erstwhile theme of the music industry, two things are constant; production creates marketable material, while consumers decide what is worth producing.

    This means that even an untalented singer, band or artist can be made to excel by the right level and form of support. I’m sure Finland is as equally “blessed” with this phenomenon as the United Kingdom. Your role as a critic could be to point this out, not by judging the artist behind the production but actually the production’s interpretation of the artist. Did said production (as in, the publishing house) present this comic as well as it could have? If not, why not? Is that reason valid? If not, why was that reason posited? What should be done to improve the presentation?

    Secondly, you are a consumer – you are paying for a product. By doing so, you are supporting the appalling level of said production; you’re choosing to support the creation of something you obviously despise, however inadvertant. Furthermore, you are amplifying this trend by posting something that will encourage further purchases on the part of your readers through sheer morbid curiosity, if nothing else.

    Ultimately, you’re contributing to something you hate. But I’ll simplify it:

    I assume you want the quality of Finnish comics to increase so that you can get more pleasure out of them. Perhaps you want to see them showcased on a wider stage; a European stage, for example, or maybe even a global one. The publishers need to support their artists as best as they possibly can because, as you know, even an average artist can be made to look very good by a higher quality of production. The only way you can look to make a change to that publisher is by hitting them in the only place it really hurts.

    The pocket.

    To close, then.

    However you choose to advance from here on in, remember to always have two questions at the forefront of your mind:

    1) What do you want?
    2) What’s the best way of getting it?

    If you fail to manage that and continue in your current vein, you’re only going to enhance the current vision I have of you.

    And believe me, it’s not a flattering picture.

    Consider this entry some professional criticism, Mr. Critic.

    • 30 Comic Dissector
      January 20, 2010 at 9:43 pm

      I’m really sorry to say this but; you think too much xD

      1) What do you want?
      -Laughs and attention

      2) What’s the best way of getting it?
      -This way

      This is a parody blog with the criticism veiled in a funny form. I do not expect anyone to buy or not to buy a comic because of my recommendations, at least I would buy something only because it is so freaky, atrocity tourism is the salt of life for many people after all, it’s fun. This blog is always first comedy, then critique. Just skip the “shitfucktitnipples this sucks ballz” and look at the redlines, they are there for the artist, humor is for the rest.. and the artist too if they can take it.

      Your opinions would give me only one option to go with anyway; to not say anything and “silence the subject to death” if I stay neutral, the comic will still get publicity, if I say it’s awesome and lie, it’ll still get attention. Now I make everything into one big joke, even myself.. maybe even mostly myself and just hope everyone has a laugh over the silly, drunken idiot with a foul mouth!

      You do realise you’re taking this way too personally? I talk even about myself in the same vein, in an indiscriminatory way. You also haven’t said a single word about the things I said about Pauliina, or anyone else in this whole blog. There’s so many comics I have talked in much harsher way than this one! I mean, this even had some potential.

      I have my own suspictions about your motives, but they shall remain a mystery, everyone should have the right to comment and blog anonymously 🙂

      Oh, and I don’t have any picture about Elli outside of what I have heard of her and how she has reacted to critique in the past. To be honest, I could imagine myself having tea with everyone who has commented or been featured on this blog, even Elli, there’s actually alot I could learn and would like to know about her. Like, what was it like to have so much pressure on her neck at so young age and what does she think of the publishing business and their leaders right now, will she ever go back? How are her dogs? What has she learned from this whole ordeal.. yeah, I don’t see her as anything else than a trapped artist who didn’t learn her anatomy before getting chomped up by the publishers. If anyone else thinks someone is a bad person because of their art, blogs or other internet behavious, they must be very hasty and probably even biased in their judgement 😉

      Elli is a bad artist, my style is to say everything straight and cruel, out of respect (honestly, if I see yet another fucking finnish ass-licking artblog I will lose my mind!). I trust people to be able to appreciate humor and straightness, even if the humor is black.

      Ps. Thanks for complimenting my english! It still amazes me it is even readable!
      PPs. Commenting on the blog may be annoying because the comments just don’t want to follow long threads, so if you want to talk more, hit me up at finnishcomics@gmail.com I’m always thrilled when I got someone to talk to about art and blogging 😀

    • January 29, 2010 at 6:32 pm

      You do realize that the ‘angry role’ Mr. Dissector is playing here is a GIMMICK? 😛 It’s funny you’re ragebawwing at an entertainer who is much like an actor but in drawn and written form.

  11. 32 Hipsukkapipsukkapöö
    August 9, 2010 at 8:33 pm


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