Oblivion High 2 – Kade

You cannot even imagine how bad mood I am in right now.

I have dissected the first issue of Oblivion High (I will put a fancy link here when I figure out HOW FUCKING HELL) and it was a wonkfest.  Nina Von Rüdinger has started to be rather frequent quest at my blog.

In a good weeaboo manner, Nina works under collective nicknames. First one she shared with Karim Muammar and it was Infamy with Vesi oli Mustaa finnamanga, now she has hybridized with Johanna Koljonen under Ms Mandu. This confuses the fuck out of every decent human being, especially because she keeps a blog with Ms Mandu nickname and I have no idea if it’s only her drawing and writing there or is she collaborating with the blog, too.

All the themes she’s had at every single comic this far still continue and it has started to grow pretty damn old. When the comic starts with an old Kalevela-poem or something I yawned instantly.

If you’re curious what the poem is about, there’s some old geezer who sees a pretty lady and is all like “You should do your hair WOO you make me wild!” and the girl is like “Dude, you’re like 800 years old, fuck you”

I don’t know what she went for with that poem but I’m getting really fed up with this fancy-ass shit.

This time the comic actually starts by introducing the characters! Great! All the characters look identical and I have been able to just tell young girls from old men and that’s only because of the beard so this is great improvement!


..almost ..I think


This starts well! ..though I am giving them benefit of the doubt in the fashion of a special ed teacher who noticed that little Kalle has stopped eating glue for ten minutes, but ehh, this is an improvement. I love it. I eat it. I breathe it. I need it. Part of my sanity has been repaired.

My job has been made easier.

The story begins when..

Um.. okay, I think it’s the guy who looks like this in the first issue

And now, this.. I think?

Yay! It’s either Max or Juha! Thanks for the introduction! ..though I’m still unsure which guy was Juha and which Max but it doesn’t matter, they’re pals, they’re always together in the same picture so you won’t even notice if I mix them up. Plus, their personalities are exactly identical so who cares.

Seriously now, I like… Max with more values to his hair, it makes him stand out more. Good that he wore a collar or else this small detail would’ve been so dramatic I would have not realised it was the same character anymore. She should give everyone a collar with their name on it to avoid further confusion.


Why in the name of a flying, pogo-stick riding fuck!? Haven’t she been listening to the complaints of confused people long enough? Kanas as sound effects outside of Japan do three things 1# confuse the fuck out of everyone 2# show the level of pretentiousness of the artist and 3# confuse the living shit out of everyone. None of these things are good for the dramaturgy or storytelling. I have no idea what just happened in that page! And out of context it looks like that dark-haired dude flashed the light-haired dude and he got a horniness-nosebleed and.. wait.. who are those guys? Does that guy have that many brothers? New characters? I hope not.

Okay, the storytelling is confusing even if there wasn’t important info about the situation in foreing language!


Last episode ended with the main characters getting a small gig at a fashion shoot, and Jorge and Manx or whatevertheirnamesare act super-gay and baww because “Ooh noooo Nix is like soooper-hawt in this mag, now we’ll never get poon!”

God, why don’t they just boink eachother, they even look like those guys who I pay five euros at the back alleys of Pasila for..

Well, it works for the targeted audience. But it’s hilarious how you can almost smell the weeaboo trough this kind of stuff – of course finnmanga artists will be friggin’ yaoi-fans. I’d like to find even one lady who’s for yuri or.. wait..! I just thought of something better – D.I.L.Fs! Now  that would be a surprise! And I mean those chubby, hairy and bearded ones.

Whoa, vodka really makes me de-rail alot..

So, everyone’s all mean to the protagonists for being all slutty in a magazine. Then.. suddenly.. an awkward band practise scene.

With KANAS yayyy!

At least the japanese works in this scene. It works just as well as pretty pictures of notes who no one can read in the first place. But what’s up with those lyrics!? “Getting born in the..”, “..born in the”, “show your teeth”, “Love my baby to death”, “she’s my priestess”, “I’m your priest”, “yeah yeah” I can just imagine what the full lyrics are like.

Getting born in the Upplands Väsby, the surströmming smells so inviting

Show your teeth, and take a bite, it’s okay neighbors eat it too, they won’t notice the smell!

Love my baby to death, it’s awwwwwwright! It’s awwwright!

She’s my priestess, I’m your priest, these lyrics make no sense what-so-ever


The storytelling was especially horrible in this scene. First of all, Jokke or Maximillian or whatevertheirnameswhere are apparently part of the band (didn’t the main character knee him on the stomach on the last issue?) and then suddenly.. a chibi scene.

She did this with Vesi oli Mustaa, too. Throwing a random chibi scene to fasten up the story didn’t work then and it didn’t work now and Nina won’t get it to work, ever. She should really pay attention to the way she tells the story, she jumps over the important stuff, spends a lot of time on mediocre plot and even then leaves out vital parts.

I totally missed the whole band practise scene because I couldn’t tell the chartacters from eachother and I thought Joppe and Marx or whatever weren’t there at all. A scene with the whole cast interacting with eachother would’ve been great. Something like this:

In fact, I feel like I have nailed the problem with this comic. There’s no single frame where the characters interact as a mass. There’s absolutely no groups interacting with eachother, or if there is such an image, it will miss one character and that is enough to create confusion. The people just.. come out of nowhere, all the time!

Oblivion High – close ups of faces talking to close ups of faces!

The main plot of this issue revolves around the modeling gig and the magazine that was produced by it. The magazine spreads over the school and everyone’s soooo meeeaaaan to the protagonists because they dressed all slutty and the headmaster is furious and orders a new dress code.

What’s really funny is that the most important plotline.. you know – the one with that kid who’s being shackled up underwater by malicious water spirits – has full six pages of the 80~ page long comic, and the first page of that plotline is actually two-page scene so it counts as one. Yeah, there’s a kid being tortured in the realm of kid-drowning water spirits but ohmigaaaawd did you hear about our school’s new dress code? It’s like soooo unfair!

Just look at the poor little kid!

But noooo, right after that scene they jump back to the dress code and modelling gig stuff. Just… asfasdghfgdfad!

It’s not like I care about that kid anyway because like everyone else he doesn’t have a personality and he haven’t even had screentime except for what was vital for the “plot” and I had completely forgotten about him anyway but come on!

This comic jumps from mindless scene that happens too fast to another scene that happened even faster and made less sense. It took me three times to read this thing trough before I understood what was going on and even while I am doing this entry I had to double-check things or learned only now what really happened with the plot. It was the same with the first issue, but this one is surprisingly even worse. I didn’t know it was possible to confuse your audience any more.

There’s one scene where the protagonists are in the school, talking about the dress code, then suddenly it jumps into “seven years earlier” and there’s.. one of the main character’s father yelling at some of the main character’s big sister, then we have an intermission and then it jumps into a school party.

This sort of jumping and mindless switches in time and place continue trough the whole of the comic, even worse than this. At least here the place B got “seven years earlier” and place C  “Later that night” frame to explain what just happened, but after switching places from different time and place four times.. you bet I feel alienated. I’m not in touch with the story at all, I’m just watching a random collaboration of places with stuff happening in them.

This comic has way too many themes to work with, and too little time page-wise. It’s a clusterfuck.

All the other technical mistakes we are used to are still repeated. Perspective hasn’t got better, but Nina is avoiding doing any drastic angles. Maybe it is a good solution after all. Still, we don’t get to see the underside of any of the character’s chins, their faces just slide down and no matter what angle they are at their faces point straight forward.

But it’s not really that bad compared to the anatomical mistakes.

Two things stick out especially hard, first of all.. the giant fucking head of the main character!

Why is her head so big!?

But what really gets to me is the boobies. Oh the boobies.

Levitating, vacuum-sucked jigglies – the third issue!

I was going to make a small “how to draw boobies tutortial” and add it here, but this comic is for underage people and they might google this comic, find this entry and then – BAM! Boobies! I don’t want to be that big of a jerk so.. I’ll make a separate tutorial entry about comic book clichés I have bumped into with proper warnings some day. I care just that much tee hee ❤

To be honest, this comic has allot of rather suspicious innuendo. I might be giving them way too much benefit of the doubt.

It’s kinda funny how this comic tries to make a statement about the too revealing way young girls dress nowadays, but it makes jokes about older men wanting to boink fifteen-year old boys.

Speaking of innuendos..

For all you foreign (non-finnish) people: a näkki is pretty much like a kappa. This is the reason they are so fucking popular within finnish weeaboos, but to be honest, kappa is more like näkki’s retarded little brother. Näkki is a cunning shape-shifter who maliciously drowns little children. Whenever I was a little child I was warned not to go near water or näkki will get me and drag me underwater. Then I learned to swim. But they apparently also lived in wells.


Oh, and funfact!

Näkki is a brand of condoms where I live. You can just imagine what kind of a sex addict this näkki-character is. Even Clinton didn’t get a condom brand named after him! And you wouldn’t belive the hilarity that ensued in elementary school when we were studying finnish folklore and got to näkki. Kids..

But now, a word of praise.

Nina has really improved with colour. When I dissected the first comic she did I couldn’t resist re-doing the colouring of the hair of Nix because frankly, it was horrible and didn’t look anything like hair. It still doesn’t look like hair, but it works! I can’t belive she’s actually improving. This is awesome. Shame it won’t shine on the comic on anywhere else than on the covers and she already did calendars, cards, the covers of three other comics with mediocre skills but.. ehh. She improved. This is awesome.

I really hope she’ll work on anatomy next, Nix really doesn’t have any shoulders in this piece, his neck is huge. Working on anatomy would fix even her perspective issues.

Her blog is actually rather interesting..


Hmm.. this blog is starting to get a bit too gay. Let’s add some yuri pairings!

Oohkay.. now it’s way too lezzie. Let’s add some bara.

Okay, now I just hate myself. I think that means my day’s work here is done. Please try not to couge your eyes out, I’ll make up to this I swear!

Next time!



Sorry for your tattered book Local Library!


Google is awesome. You can like.. find png. pictures of pedobear and shotacat. God, I’m so fucking lazy.


24 Responses to “Oblivion High 2 – Kade”

  1. March 21, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    I’m confessing my love to you. I was pretty much laughing in tears through the whole blog today! 😀

  2. 4 Link
    March 22, 2010 at 3:34 pm

    Oh good fucking god!!! The smut section and Pedobear!! Oh good god!!! xD

    Just an FYI- in that panel after the nosebleed with all the random people it reads “Hi ya ha ha ha ha” (if she had of made the “ya” smaller then it would read “Hya ha ha etc”)

    I love that over 9,000 black haired guy, he looks like such a tool lol
    And I didn’t know the character with the light hair was a girl…I thought it was a guy from day 1….

    (P.S. send me those condoms and draw more smut, I demand eeet >8D)

    • 5 Comic Dissector
      March 22, 2010 at 6:35 pm

      I knew you in particular would love it olololol

      Don’t be insensitive, I laugh like that :’| how could you you cruel person?
      ..just kidding maybe she tried to write “Hiya ya’ll”?

      Whic one of all the light-haired people who all look like dudes and look ali… nevermind. Me too.

      (I will totally do it, oh baby lol)

      • 6 Link
        March 22, 2010 at 8:33 pm

        Shut up- I like my smut and my Meme’s xD

        Oh sorreh D:
        Lawl, that would be “Hi ya yo ru” anyway lol
        I think it’s safe to say she doesn’t have that big a grasp of the Japanese language herself. Kana’s (Katakana) is the “sound” alphabet in a way. It’s commonly used for foreign words and names (Example= bread in Japanese is ‘Pan’, derived from the French word for bread, so they spell it with Katakana)

        Do it >8| Send me a package of Vartijat 1&2, some Finnish Condoms, and lots of Original Erotica Art, by Mr.Comic Dissector himself xD

        I’d hang that shit on my wall- aswell as the condoms lol

  3. March 22, 2010 at 4:48 pm

    En jaksa kääntää kommentteja englanniksi eli nyt tulee settiä ihan suomeksi. Muistin nimittäin tätä kirjoitusta lukiessani, että Tähtivaeltajan numerossa 3/2008 ilmestyi Ms Mandun haastattelu, joka “selittänee” joitain asioita joita nostit esille.

    It took me three times to read this thing trough before I understood what was going on and even while I am doing this entry I had to double-check things or learned only now what really happened with the plot.

    Johanna: “Ja kaikki kerrontamme kyllä perustuu siihen, että lukijat eivät ole ääliöitä. Me pidämme asioista, joita voi lukea tai katsoa kahteenkin kertaan, joissa paloja loksahtaa hissukseen paikoilleen. Vähän hämmästelimme kyllä ihmisten reaktioita – joidenkin mielestä tarina on liian hämmentävä tai sekava – kun meistä Oblivion oli etenkin Vesi oli mustaa -albumiin verrattuna ihan selkeää kamaa.”

    Öh, on kyllä aika vissi ero siinä milloin kuvakerronta on ~monitasoista~ tai hitaasti aukeavaa ja milloin se on vain tehty niin surkeasti ettei siitä saa selvää. Sun kuvauksista päätellen tää meni nyt siihen jälkimmäiseen kastiin…

    This comic jumps from mindless scene that happens too fast to another scene that happened even faster and made less sense.

    Johanna: “Mangasta takkiin on tarttunut lähinnä vapaus tehdä “what the fuck” -juonenkäänteitä, kuten ykkösalbumin muotikuvaukset. Mangassa on ihan luonnollista, että juoneen ilmaantuu tyhjästä rönsyilyltä näyttäviä käänteitä, joiden relevanssi ei ehkä aukea heti – tai välttämättä koskaan.”

    EI NÄIN. DX Vähän alkaa epäilyttää, jos tekijöiden asenne on se että tehdään mahdollisimman sekavaa koska se nyt vaan “kuuluu mangaan”.

    • 8 Comic Dissector
      March 22, 2010 at 7:23 pm

      Otinkin tuohon kantaa jo ensimmäisessä OH-arvostelussa (http://i467.photobucket.com/albums/rr34/finnishcomicsdissected/shepitythefootext.jpg). Todellakin, on eri asia tehdä pelkkiä puhuvia päitä ja huonoja tarinankerronnan ratkaisuja kuin tehdä hyvä tarina jonka hahmot ja tapahtumat ovat niin syväluotaavia ja monimutkaisia että vain tosifani osaa kertoa miten ne yhdistyvät tarinan kautta hahmoihin.

      Nix on näkki, japanilainen on kadoksissa, jotku tykkää jostakusta jotku vihaa joitakuita, mallikeikka. Tossa ei ole mitään hankalaa, paitsi ontuva tarinankerronta.

      Sori, nyt kiehahti. Se on eri asia puhua kvaakin foorumilla omista mielipiteistään siitä miksi yleisö ei ymmärrä tarinaa, mutta antaa haastatteluun tuollainen lausunto jossa “ne ovat tyhmiä jotka eivät ymmärrä tarinaa” on verhoiltu liirumlaarumiin siitä että heidän mielestä kaikki on niin superfiksuja että kyllä he sen tarinan ymmärtävät. Eikö oisi kolmen epäonnistuneen tarinankerronnan jälkeen aika katsoa itseään peiliin ja olla niinkuin kunnon ammattilainen ja myöntää virheensä ja korjata asia?

      Ja tosiaan, minua ei haittaa yhtään rönsyt ja hullu tarinankerronta (Chumble Spuzz, Rave, Invader Zim..) jos sen tekee oikein. Tekijöiden olisi aika lopettaa tekemästä tarkkaan juuri niinkuin mangassa ja tehdä omaan tyyliinsä tai sitten tutkia tarkemmin miten ne sen siinä mangassa saavat toimimaan.

      Asenne on tosiaan tekijöillä hakusessa.. toivottavasti se löytyy ennen neljättä lätyskää.

  4. March 22, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    OH WOW

    I love how totally outrageous you can be. And that’s a good thing.

    And I certainly don’t know anyone who enjoys yuri or hairy bara daddies. Isn’t that like, disgusting?

    But gotta luuurve those small comics you make. Simply awesometastic.

    Don’t you ever stop.

    • 10 Comic Dissector
      March 23, 2010 at 4:44 am

      I always feel a bit of a remorse whenever I post this crazy stuff (smut gallery.. wft was I thinking D:) but comments like these always save my good night’s sleep.. IF I WOULD FUCKING EVER SLEEP GODDAMMIT!


      Yeah, bara and yuri are like ewwies. Underage boys kissing is awwwwwright!

      Thanks, dude :c

  5. 11 Mura
    March 23, 2010 at 5:38 am

    Once again, a nice shredding. I hope your words don’t fall on deaf ears and actually help these people improve, cuz DAMN!

    • 12 Comic Dissector
      March 24, 2010 at 4:02 pm

      I doubt they’ll take this entertainment-esque critiquie, but I do have a serious concern and agenda for this and I could even write their scripts all over in more comphrehensive way. To be honest, I could re-write this in 2-3 days and show how the whole script could be made clearer and comphrehensive, but it goes so shadily into areas I hate (art theft, idea theft, piratism..) that I don’t think I’ll be doing that unless Ms. Mandu people ask me to personally to send that in their e-mail.

      • 13 mura
        March 25, 2010 at 3:16 pm

        They could really use an editor, i wonder if they have one… and if they do, he gives a flying f*ck about the story and is just in an urge to get it to the printers and make some cash… I read manga fairly often and i’ve seen plenty of bonus chapters where the mangaka themselves show how they sometimes had to re-make whole chapters and re invent characters because the editor tells them stuff like “oh it’s nice, but don’t you think it would be better like this? also change this, it’s really hard to understand” and most of times is for the better (even if it looks as if they are being corporative bastards at times)

    • 14 Comic Dissector
      March 25, 2010 at 5:53 pm

      My hunch is that no one on any level of the production knows how to make manga, so when the story is fuzzy and jumps around they go “Oh, so this is manga.. okay.” and ta-daah! incomprehensible plot!

      Maybe some super-fan should write them a letter to inform the editor of the shenanigans of his comic artists. I’m more of “that funny guy” than the super-serious critic.

  6. March 24, 2010 at 9:51 am

    Hmm.. actually, I think those nonsensical lyrics sound like something taken from Red Hot Chili Peppers song Dani California. Just jumped out for me like that so felt the urge to share the info.

    “California rest in peace
    Simultaneous release
    California show your teeth
    She’s my priestess, I’m your priest

    • 16 Comic Dissector
      March 24, 2010 at 4:06 pm

      Dammit, now you brought me back to my bad habit of listening to RHCP! YEAH, YEAH!

      Seems like they took two songs and mended them together. I wonder if this is some sort of reference or if they just made it accidently. Now I want to know what other song they mended in there..

    • 17 Comic Dissector
      March 24, 2010 at 4:10 pm

      Oop, spoke too soon. Same song after all.

      I should fucking check things BEFORE I write.

      YEAH, YEAH!

  7. 18 Somethingwitty
    March 24, 2010 at 6:55 pm

    Haha, I was waiting when you dissect this one 😀

    But about the comic making a statement about revealing clothes on young girls, I thought this comic was infacty encouraging it. I mean there was a huge wall of text in the end about EGL style, and something about feminism that people have right to dress revealing or young girls flirt with (older) people in playful sense something. I’m not sure what it was trying to say.

    • 19 Somethingwitty
      March 24, 2010 at 6:56 pm

      Damn, again so many typos. *Infact and *or something

    • 20 Comic Dissector
      March 24, 2010 at 10:00 pm

      True dat. And I completely ignored the wall of text as reading those have never done any good to these comics, but it was the pre-edited version of the fashion magazine’s article about the gig our procastinators went into. I gave it a read and it really does seem that they think this whole subject is awwwwright.

      Though I’d have to agree – anyone should be able to wear anything they want and no one is entitled to misbehave against the wearer because of that.

  8. 21 Ii
    March 25, 2010 at 9:04 pm

    First no boobie tutorial so as not to confuse the underaged, and then Pedobear AND a bara/yuri/yaoi smut gallery!?

    …I think I love you.

    • 22 Comic Dissector
      March 25, 2010 at 9:16 pm

      I’m just so full of surprises. Tee hee!

      ..I can’t belive you’re the first one to mention that to be honest.

  9. 23 KumaZone
    September 15, 2010 at 10:27 pm

    god damn, this is the best blog in the world and I love it

    also, fuc yes bara

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