Selling your soul

Hello there.

Let’s have a little talk..

This is a subject that that is very close to my heart, but which I have never seen discussed properly in the comic world. I think it’s weird, comics are very closely tied to commercialism and thus they are always products. Only recently webcomics have changed this.. kinda. People sell even those or promote the finished product trough that media, or use their web project to learn more so they can later publish and sell their stuff, but generally comics are made to be sold and paintings are made when someone is happy, sad, drunk, high, in psychosis or whatnot then later shown in galleries and someone might even buy them.

Because of this “true art” aka not comics has allot more space to be a pretentious fuckwad, so when you don’t get money from your paintings because you suck, you can always say you don’t actually do it for the money, but because of the art itself and you fucking LOVE being poor, sitting in the cold and eating from the garbage.

I don’t have to lie, tho. I fucking love dupster diving.

All artists are still pretty much the same, we’re poor, we’re hungry, we’re eccentric, we are bohemian and we’re absolutely entangled by our own way to depict reality. But I have a serious problem with the “Art is my soul”-attitude. Don’t get me wrong, I draw from my soul, heart and sometimes butt and nose but there’s one thing seriously wrong with this attitude.

I’m not even talking about constructive criticism and people who flip a lid whenever you tell them their sparkledog looks fucking horrible

My problem is completely different.

There is a whole art style dedicated to not doing research, being lazy and fighting the power. Often this style actually requires the artist to get rid of their knowledge so they could draw poorly aka “not commercially”. I used to have an art teacher like this and he was honestly the shittiest fucking teacher I ever had. I didn’t learn anything else from him than how to drink as irresponsibly as possible, we could even bring alcohol to class if we just hid it fast enough when others came into our classroom. Sure, he was our best friend and we had fun but it was a complete waste of my life to be in his class.

Of course if I would teach I wouldn’t force my ideals on others, if you want to do shit, you can do shit but you can’t sell shit.. unless you sell fertilizer and comics are mostly really poor fertilizers. And don’t get me wrong, world would be a boring place if everyone would draw the same and shit does serve a purpose – it gives a different experience.

You could make your audience feel by drawing so shittily that they feel cheated,yes.  But using gruff style as a method is completely different and will bring a better result. This of course requires allot of work, reseach, feedback and thought but it will be worth it. If you just decide to do as much comics as you can with minimal effort and hope one of them will break trough will you really be proud of yourself? Why would you be proud of yourself when you haven’t even shown anyone what you can really do and your fame is only because of a lucky strike. No one can ride on the wave of fame forever after all, you’ll have to do work to stay on top of that wave.

So how to create just the feeling YOU want to a comic? Research. Hard work. Of course you could break trough with no effort by doing something so shit that someone makes fun of you and it becomes a meme, but then it is not actually you doing the work, it is the work of one bright individual who caught you on your shit and made it gold. You’ll always need your audience and you better motivate it with the real feeling you want to create rather than a lucky strike which is impossible to steer to the direction you want it to go. An artist is always a slave to the audience and you can’t really decide who your audience will be, but you can create a good product that meets nearly the audience you want to meet (young people, old people, people of certain minority..) and does what intended.

Now that we have gone trough the basics, let’s go to the big question: how exactly do you sell your soul? In other words, how do you make a good comic.

I can already hear the whiny little voice that says “But art is the reflection of your soul! you can’t put a price tag on that! Art is invaluable expression of the most abstract matters in our reality!”

And I agree. Yes it is. But it is for sale. And it is NOT the exact feeling or abstract matter you speak of, it is a material thing materialised in our material universe and the only way to sell the exact thing you want to capture is to go to a spiritual plane with meditation or on a robot rainbow unicorn, I dunno. You are indeed making a material thing that can be touched and even if it can create the exact feeling you wanted to capture on the audience, it is still a tool and a marketable thing. If you wish to keep those feelings and abstract beings as sacred as you say YOU WOULDN’T BE MATERIALIZING THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!

It’s as if a man found out how to bring unicorns to our world so everyone can see how amazing they are, but then started cloning them, selling them and then was really surprised that they got used as draft horses and fucked in the bum like they were five dollar whores. People are people. And I won’t even go on to the whole debate about dualism, anyone can have their own idea of that.

Unicorns are best kept far away from people and our material universe, but comics and art is a good material thing. We need it. We need experiences, and we need professionals to bring that for us.

No one should ever be afraid of failing, you should avoid it, yes but if you have tried your best you can always say “Fuck you, I tried my best and if it’s not enough for you.. fuck you!” and this is actually the reaction I wish people to have when I catch them up on their fail. Come on, show me how to do even better, give me and everyone else your best shot untill we can’t say that you haven’t at least tried! There will always be someone or something you can reach and get your prize.

..I’ll get you one day, Lambi..

So if you want to do good work and make the best comic for people for money – go for it! If you are a human being who epresses themselves trough their art and the expression of your immortal, beautiful soul are too great to measure in money..

I hope we’re clear now and I got my point across.

But hey, I am finally free from Boss McBitcherson! I worked hard for so many weeks, I lived in a trailer with Birdgirl with no privacy except “Get out you fucking creep I know you want to oogle at me when I change WHY AREN’T YOU OUT YET GET THE FUCK OUT!” I had to use a toilet where was this bigass window with no curtains and I was really fucking busy working my ass for for rednecks who have lived in a barrel and can’t do things in ways that work because “We’ve done it this way for decades so it must work”

So quess what I’m going to do now?

FUCK YEAH! I’ve been waiting for this for WEEKS! You cannot imagine the anguish I have gone trough…

See ya next time! It will come soon, very, very soon.. unless the people in white jackets from rehab catch me.


Lambi picture s-kankaanpaa.fi ‘cus I know you all wanted to know where I found a picture of a Lambi-toilet paper package

Thank you:

Birdgirl who kept me reasonably sane for the time we were working together and who had to suffer from my indecent behavior, flatulence and smell of old booze and sweat. I have no idea how you survived. And we’re totes gonna fight like an old couple and people will throw strange looks at us for that. Sorry 😦

Miisa for the delicious drama which I cooked up into even more delicious copypasta. I will use your links in the future, too. Keep on being awesome. Skviik skviikiti skvii svkiik! Skviikin.






OH! I forgot to mention! BLAW is back!

I took this entry down because I wasn’t sure about the morality of it anymore. It was done by a sweet little girl who tired her hardest but.. it really was the worst shit I’ve ever seen. I don’t belive anyone over the age of 15 who is selling their comics cannot take what publicity will bring them. When you make a product and go to the public to ask money for it, you should know what you’re getting into. And I don’t think that kicking 6-year old child’s yard sale spot to smithereens and giving honest critique while being funny are particularly hard to distinguish from eachother.

At least the person who made BLAW didn’t ask 20 euros for a printing that she got for free from her daddy’s work place printer (which her dad probably had to use in secret anyway) and lie the price was so high because of the “high printing expenses” because she thought the product of her immortal, beautiful soul deserves to rip off other people’s money.

If you wonder what the hell I’m talking about.. here, I’m talking about this comic:

Yeah, that seriously happened. I hope that lass has learned some proper work ethics by now. I have no idea how she didn’t feel ashamed of selling that piece of crap for 20 euros with that kind of background. It was few years ago, though and I really hope she has grown up and become a bit smarter, she indeed was quite young.

But the lass who did BLAW sold it for the exact price you should ask for, and she was very professional in every other sense than the art itself. You become a professional cartoonist when even a one person buys something from you, but professing a skill is a whole other thing and it doesn’t require selling a thing.

So, BLAW is back up so STOP E-MAILING ME ABOUT IT! lol! No, seriously it’s nice to notice that people really do come back to my old entries and start missing the lost ones. Weird. And people really loved BLAW.

So, what should I do from now on? I didn’t get any complaints, the maker of that comic didn’t make a squeak, it was only my inner turmoil that made me hide that entry untill I think it trough once more. Do you think n00bs deserve the same amount of criticism and harsh truth than pros? Why so? I thought it would be more degrading to go “Oh you’re just a widdle little girlie so I’ll go gentle for you so that your pretty, frilly little panties won’t get in a bunch” than just let myself go wild.

..that sounded strangely sexual.

SO! I thought about making a whole new category or whatnot for self-publishers. I’d only dissect them in groups of three instead of putting all the strain on one person so that all noobs can fail, win and blah together!

Tell me what you think 🙂


39 Responses to “Selling your soul”

  1. 1 Bloody Ma..meh
    May 28, 2010 at 5:51 pm

    This was totally worth the wait .o.

    Yea I admit that my anatomy’s worse then wobblecopter’s yet thanks to my Multimedia teacher (who is made of awesome btw) I’m still busting my butt to get the whole thing down…once we had to make an animation with a good story plot, took me about a 100 plots until he finally liked one of them, and it’s been that way thoughout college, it’s kinda funny that most of the comics and animation today is rather…well mashed up brains with peas…

    (guess that means from those wanks Mr Ox is finally mine >D )

    • 2 Comic Dissector
      May 28, 2010 at 6:59 pm

      Oh no, this means I will probably have to do more of these entries where I have to do everything myself! ..thanks! 😀

      Even of the harsh tone of my blog, I still think that it doesn’t matter how bad you are if you keep trying. I just get very passionate when it comes to money. Though it would be nice if people would show overall respect for their audience if they keep a free webcomic or whatever.
      You’re in animation!? You poor soul, may the perpective pixies have mercy on you..
      But hey, usually the best stuff comes when you re-do it a hundred times.

      …but my hands hurt, I need his aid even more now! You can’t do this to me ;__; sob..

      • 3 Bloody Ma..meh
        May 28, 2010 at 8:53 pm


        True, even when flash decides the mix everything up, it’s such a pain to place it back together…don’t have to worry about that anymore since i’m not in college anymore, tried Uni, they….mmm…find me quirky (their words) , but they filled up quickly for me to get in, so ta da, drawing and pixel animating while lookin’ for work, so i can try uni once again…


    • 4 Comic Dissector
      May 28, 2010 at 10:40 pm

      2 quirky 4 skool B| oh yeah

      Good luck! Even that I am the closest to animator, I could not imagine doing it and succeeding.

  2. 5 Susapp
    May 28, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    Oh I agree with you for the most of this entry. I am always up for criticism! I like giving it to others and getting it. (But I have a bad habit of answering quite rudely to critiques if I’m having a bad day, but I always learn from it and I really appreciate it!)
    I don’t think that the excuse “IT’S MAHH STAIL” is good enough. I mean… if you want to draw because you like it, that’s fine. But you can not expect people to be super-duper nice to you and compliment your work in an effin ART-SITE. I mean SERIOUSLY, why do people put their drawings in deviantArt if they don’t want comments? Urg. I just don’t get it.

    Thank you for bringing this up in such a fine way, I’m so going to stalk all the comments. B)

    (also, you misspelled a sentence, it’s “where ARE your pants” <3)

    • 6 Comic Dissector
      May 28, 2010 at 7:06 pm

      Answering to criticism nicely even if you have a bad day, or rather waiting for a good day so you can answer nicely is also part of the professionalism. Though that is just the extreme ideal of how you should work..
      I really “love” Deviantart’s comment system and “critique not wanted” or whatever that option’s name was. It’s like, GREAT! let’s teach the new generation of artists that you can live in a bubble where no one should be able to tell you what mistakes you make so you can become better at what you do. Good work, DA.

      Thanks 83

      (Oh god what the fuck why did I misspell such an obvious fucking thing. It’s Fixed now.)

      • 7 Susapp
        May 28, 2010 at 8:17 pm

        Haha I know that it would be more professional to do that. But I mostly get my critiques on MSN so it’s a bit harder to wait for a better day that way… X”’D I can only hope that people WILL continue giving me criticism, even if I sometimes answer with a hint of sarcasm. And start giving it. And I’m also looking forward to the day I’m going to publish a comic on my own so you can dissect it, and I can laugh at it!! <33
        AND OH YEAH BABY it's totally the best ever. So well thought.


    • 8 Comic Dissector
      May 28, 2010 at 10:38 pm

      Deviantart is a safe haven for teenage emos with sparkledog characters, not an art site anymore.

      Ooh, so you’re probably getting crit from your friends then.. in that case it’s okay to flip out as much as you want lol. Just don’t tell them I said that.
      On a more serious note, I am blessed with bright friends who always catch me on my mistakes. It’s really handy!

  3. May 28, 2010 at 6:15 pm

    Excellent job yet again. I wish all the DA-tartlets and webcomic authors with too much unwarranted self-importance read this stuff and took it to heart.

    • 10 Comic Dissector
      May 28, 2010 at 7:11 pm

      Thank you!
      Hah! I know the type. But they would probably just leave the internets FOREVA and after leaving forever draw guilt-tripping and attention seeking images which bloat their ego to even more monstrous proportions.

      Or who knows, maybe that can be cured by growing up, reading stuff and stepping outside once in a while.

  4. 11 muura
    May 28, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    Eeeh..? A doggycomic? And you haven’t dissected it..? For shame!
    For your defense though I think I browsed that one and it seemed too boring to get anything out of. Like, it wasn’t bad, but.. there was really nothing worth mentioning either.

    ..still! I am really curious! Especially now that you mention that it’s twenty fricken euros holy shit. Does she even look at actual published comics being sold on the stores? D: Even THEY are 10-15 euros, TOPS!

    • 12 Comic Dissector
      May 28, 2010 at 7:50 pm

      I am the stingiest muthafucka you will ever see so I was taking everything out of that waste of money (it was my mug holder, kettle holder, drawing platform and I was just about to use it as toilet paper) for so long that I forgot to dissect it. I quess I have used it for all the use of those twenty-fucking-euros and now it is time to rip it apart. I’ll spend a little time with bigger published comics and then get on with it. It was such a shining example of Balto and Gin influence that it has to be done some day.

      But yeah, it was really dumb what she did thar. I need to dig some info about her and see if she’s still scamming like a five year old.

      • 13 muura
        May 28, 2010 at 9:41 pm

        LMAO now that I also found out that a person who I know did (check the comment below) this I can actually fully understand why she would do this XDDD I am not backing up from my BORING-comment though because DOGS ARE BORING.

        Check out the website Nayppa linked, her art’s fucking fantastic!

    • 14 Comic Dissector
      May 28, 2010 at 10:36 pm

      Checked out and been informed!
      Even that I find applying to the masses with a broad concept to mooch off their money rather hilarious I can’t say I still side with her.

      What the comic world doesn’t need is yet another one of this kind of sellers. We need wit, talent and proper work ethics. Even if she is a great person otherwise (I don’t know her, after all) this wasn’t swell at all.

      Maybe someone can lure her in to give her two cents on this? I’m still deciding if this is a degrace or fucking hilarious. If I dissect this comic I need a straight line and tone for the entry even that my real life feelings would be more complex.

  5. May 28, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    Oh my, the person who made Sudentaival is in my class, she’s my good friend in fact! If you care to see her present works, this is her website: http://www.nooneisindanger.webs.com/nomad.htm
    But ah I have to stand for her on this though, she’s far from any spoiled greedy brat. It was her means to afford her paragliding kit, and yes, she did it, with the money she got from that selfpublish. She knew ginga fantards would buy it, you could say indeed, it was EXACTLY AS PLANNED ;D

    • 16 Comic Dissector
      May 28, 2010 at 10:29 pm

      I don’t think that still excuses doing what she did, she had extremely bad comic selling habits and buying a paraglider from other people’s stupidity is not fair game. If she had been doing it to pay her rent or even buy new clothes I’d side with her but.. that wasn’t swell at all.
      She’s never been a bad artist, gotta admit. She seems to know what she does and does it well. Please tell me she has cleared her act and she doesn’t mooch on 14-year old ginga fans to buy her luxuries anymore..!

      Though I gotta admit, this situation is hilarious. I’d just want to say “fucking ginga fans” once again xD
      The one who sells for insane prices isn’t the insane one, but the one who buys
      ..unless the targeted audience is kids who don’t know better. I still feel really iffy about this.
      To be honest I feel even more iffy now that I know that she did it on purpose and was proud of it :/! I thought she was just a dumb kid trying to find her voice and place in the comic world, but that’s just rotten.

      • May 28, 2010 at 11:24 pm

        Of course, I do get the point across about the working moral, and the way she rolled with the comic sets a bad example in general. I’m not saying the comic is bad nor her art, but if the final product is halfassed, it gives impression that the person behind the work isn’t fully standing behind it, and overpricing it is just abuse. If person does their work badly and sell it, and people buy it and believe in it, like you said it can be simply put off as “it’s ok, because it’s not stupid who sells, but the one who buys it” yet that is exactly why people keep believing it’s alright to keep up with doing sloppy work, because they think audience doesn’t know better. Designer has responsability of their work, is what I believe in too. I hope my comment makes any sense.

        Mmyeah she hasn’t been selling that comic afterwards I think, she has her hands full with her own firm. Of course it would be easier to ask from herself. She’s at da too: http://kantanen.deviantart.com

    • 18 Comic Dissector
      May 28, 2010 at 11:52 pm

      Thanks for the DA, I will be bothering her about this 🙂 I am rather undecided myself right now so she can probably enlighten me. I just know that she sure is good with money lol! I should make her sell my comics.. or no, I don’t even dare to think what it will cost me!

      You put it well, though.. you’re right.

  6. 19 Meo
    May 28, 2010 at 11:15 pm

    That was one long post.

    That’s all.

    Not really commenting anything else because I have nothing to add / disagree with, just dropping a line that I’ve finally stopped lurking and might finally comment something. For, you know, the sake of commeting something and I actually forgot where I was going before finishing this sentece. I, myself, have work ethics of a boiled oyster, so I really can’t comment… I really like to try my best though, but I end up getting angry when I’m not good enough (which is all the time) and tend not to do my best as a result :/

    But really, this blog is useful! I hope I can some day be good enough to be actually published, and even though your criticism is not for ~me~ you still have useful tips I can leech on, muahahahahahah.

    Also I’m sad excuse of a human being who does not deserve any friends. The artis behind “Sudentaival” was actually my friend at one point (we just lost contact and I really started hating those damn canine comics, so no drama there, sorries) but I didn’t regocnize her style before reading Nayppa’s comment…

    • 20 Comic Dissector
      May 29, 2010 at 12:12 am

      IS EVERYONE AND THEIR GRANDMOTHERS HER FRIEND xD wtf! Seriously, that girl is everywhere! ..or then we just live in a small country with small cities like for example, Finland hah!
      And silly me for fearing this entry would feel too short for people.

      If there’s one thing that’s as bas as unwarranted self-importance, it is when people are too shy or don’t trust themselves. Unfortunately when you’re starting with comics you have to do bad first. The only way to learn how to do a finished comic is to finish a comic and that might be the first goal, it doesn’t have to be published anyway and you can learn from it.
      I don’t know your exact problem, but that can be applied to anything. You can’t learn unless you do shit sometimes, it’s just one step closer to perfection to do something bad.
      Erhemm, but yes do leech 8D and pray I never find you mufufufufu.. you can run and you can hide too but I count on Murphy’s law so that your comic will find it’s way to me.
      ..just kidding!

      She seems to have done that comic in a totally different style that she usually does OR that she has grown and learned as an artist.
      But hey, thanks for the comment, I was way too amused for that “I don’t have anything to say but I’ll say anything that I don’t say anything” xD

  7. May 29, 2010 at 10:18 am

    Haha, I think I’ve also met this girl at last year’s sarjakuvafestarit. Seemed like a cool person but I have no idea.

    20€ though? I know someone who got it for 10, and that was two years ago… In any case, I would never have the balls to charge 20€! Money changes the game so much. As soon as people pay you they have every right to rip your work apart, and it’s scary 😀 Right until the “release date” I kept fearing whether 8€ for Phantomland 1 was too high after all. And when some buyers came back to me for criticism (fair though it was), I just felt this guilt thinking those people didn’t get their money’s worth… oh man, that can’t be healthy.

    Regarding art. I’m not sure if I’m just missing the point, but I don’t think all artists need to learn things “proper”. As long as they’re able to deliver what they intend to, that should be enough, right? Think Jyrki Nissinen for example, I would never tell him to improve his drawings. They’re awesome just the way they are ❤

    • 22 Comic Dissector
      May 30, 2010 at 12:52 pm

      Everyone knows her xD

      It sounds like she cleared her act, because she sold it for 20€ three years back.. I think. I’m not very good with remembering what time which thing happened, it might’ve been also two years ago.
      Ahaha! Dude, you’re so.. meek. Even that your attitude is good to make the perfect product and sell it responsibly.. don’t take it so much to your heart, there isn’t really anything that would make Phantomland 1 not worth 8 euros or even 10. There’s always something wrong with whatever comic there exists, always (Which makes my job easy here). And your technique is superb.
      Yes that is not healthy. Stop it right now.

      Kiimaiset Maantiesuolan Nuolijat! Haha! Yessss, I’ve been planning to buy it for a dissection for so long but dammit it’s not sold used anywhere yet. I think part of the “doing this well” is the story and delivering it and sometimes ugly style or even amateur-like art is excused when the artist can make things funny, interesting or touching with the skill of telling stories.
      But unfortunately it happens very rarely.
      Damnit, I should make a whole new entry about this subject.

  8. May 29, 2010 at 10:57 am

    Preach it, brotha! I disagree with you on one thing though: age is not an excuse. I know 15-year-olds who have straight out told me that they won’t be mixing money with what they do in many years – not until they’re confident enough with their skills. All of them foreigners, which makes me wonder. Maybe the young finnish comic artists are just immature and disillusioned in some way? Your opinion is a whole lot kinder and wiser, though.

    I think that the people in the comic business (its adults) should be more vocal about what the business entails (keep up the good work!). And publishers should be even harsher. If you’re young and you are shown the convention’s participatiors’ works on the convention’s web-page and given price spreads for comics of different page-count, printing expenses and outern appearance, you start to get the picture. And possibly, maybe, you decide to wait and learn for another year before taking part. Perhaps even get someone more experienced to advice you on what you’re in for. Or then get humiliated.

    Humiliation (once or twice) is a good lesson, though – the maturity is shown in whether you suck it up and say “thank you for your critique and comment” or not. Luckily on the net no one can see you grit your teeth, try to hold your tears or curse the commentor to the lowest Hell. *speaks from experience :D* However rude they are, in my opinion you must be able to judge the critique objectively. I’ll intend to write a few articles on this on a blog of mine, some day, when it makes me less childish.

    Ahhh, dA’s no critique option – I understand that when the picture is about a loved one, or a present, critique towards it feels a bit…how to say it…intrusive? That’s the only case I’d accept its use. Then again, pictures of such intimacy could be left out of the web.

    …20 euros? *shuts her mouth before her reputation as a tolerant adult disappears* I’ll keep this in mind whenever I see her around the net or cons. I’ll keep this in mind very well. Hell, my printing cost was 350 euros (had to take colour pages because of a few whole-black pages) and I’m debating if I wanna sell it at all again and take the loss of money as a lesson, or sell it with 2 euros because aaaaauuuugh first comic is fail fail fail but I’ll probably ask 3,50 anyway because I’m a horrible person who has no pride nor work ethics WHATSOEVER. ……..20 euros?!

    But, thank you for the fish! I’ve been lurking in your corner for a while already and admired the brilliance. Keep it up~!

    • 24 Comic Dissector
      May 30, 2010 at 1:11 pm

      Hmm, true. But the thing is, that person might’ve had a good teacher and others who fail might not have that and they would’ve succeeded if someone just guided them. But then again, this would go against my whole lot bigger world view of “children should be able to decide for themselves” because kids are not just objects that their parents own.
      Gahhh! ..my problem might just be that I think too much.

      I should get into this a bit better, maybe do a tutorial of some sorts. Unfortunately that will take me a whole fucking lot of dedication because I don’t understand printing at all. AT. ALL. I have no idea how I’ve been able to do it in the past, total mystery, it just happened. But I have to write this down somewhere – Tutorial of how to print and most importantly WHAT to print. It needs to be done.

      Haha, it doesn’t matter how badly you take critique at first if you even receive it and listen to it. Only option that is bad is “LALALALA I have fingers in my ears can’t hear you!” because no matter how shitty you feel at first, something will always sink in and you’ll become better. At least this is what I think..

      You are very well entitled to take at least what you paid to print your comic! 3,50 is not bad in my opinion at least. If something is under five euros at whatever comic things I browse I might buy it out of principle.

      Watch out for the vogons and thank you 😀

      • May 31, 2010 at 11:11 pm

        True dat – actually I hadn’t thought about that particular prospect. There isn’t many of those in Finland, huh. At least, not in the narrative, commercial comic field? It might be that the teachers/mentors the kids find (art clubs, art schools..) just aren’t suited for them and they end up making a teenager feel like if s/he wants to evolve in to that particular direction, s/he has to do it him/herself. And then they’re in very much hurry to get there. 😀

        A lot of thinking is good! And yes, so true. My mother once said that she thinks that children are just for loan – a parent can just do his/her best and hope that there won’t be that many bumps in the road for them until they can more or less manage life.

        Tutorial on that is sorely needed. :/ The process of dealing with printing houses and the technical details is really not that simple – some price spreads on the printing expenses would be real nice for starters. Also, what to print (parroting you here, but it really seems many have just a vague idea of how the colours come out and what papers to use etc. – one would need a rather clear, realistic vision of how it’s gonna look before printing), where to print (the ones you usually find through google are expensive), how to print (uuuuugh, 300 dpi, 600-1200 dpi, making a pdf <- likewise, I think my printing succeeding was a series of REALLY LUCKY accidents :D) and in which cases it might be cheaper to do it yourself. So I'm supporting you from the sidelines if you decide to do one!!

        Ohoho, I don't know. *gloomy*

        Will do, and likewise. ;D

  9. June 2, 2010 at 7:01 am

    (Hello, a long time lurker here.)

    I don’t have much to add, because I pretty much agree with what you’ve said. But I thought I should maybe say that that part about not being afraid to fail was really good and I think it kinda sorta helped me to not be so hysterically afraid of sucking.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. You’re a smart guy.

    • 27 Comic Dissector
      June 11, 2010 at 5:20 pm

      O hai!

      Yeah, this might mainly be a fail-blog but the truth is that everyone fails all the time at everything, and when you fail once you know how to not fail next time. It’s a rather gradual process.. so yeah keep on goin’ your stuff was pretty neat, too.

      Thank you :-D!

  10. June 14, 2010 at 11:41 pm

    I wish I could get myself into self-publishing one day. I’ve never dreamed about being a professional comic artist, it’s just a very dear and long-lasting hobby of mine, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to do it in a way it could be commercial in stead of being very… artsy. Being an entertainer or “selling your soul” is actually something I’m very comfortable with even if it could make me a bit less original.

    In a scary way I also want to get something published just to get some criticue out of it (free webcomics really are pretty criticue free media) but I’m also in a way afraid of criticue or rather how I can take it. At least I can sit in my cozy cave for not being too well known for now. I’ll get out there when I’m more skilled and fail then!

    I would also love to see more posts like this one, pondering how to avoid idiotism can actually be even more interesting than just pointing out bad examples.

    • 29 Comic Dissector
      August 18, 2010 at 10:29 pm

      I don’t understand how making entertainment would make anyone any less original – it is a complete myth in my most honest opinion. Even superhero comics or other already existing “genus” of comics has original ideas and stories.

      I’ll try to make more of these! I’m still surprised people took this small amount of jokes this well.

  11. June 27, 2010 at 10:41 pm

    Very true.

    I personally want to be a humour artist – as I’m British it’s pretty much our only existing comics market and it’s what I grew up with – of course, this leads me at a side line. Most artists in the market don’t seem to know anatomy which makes me feel I have less need for it – however, I see it as an important aspect of becoming an artist. I just don’t have the motivation. I’m Sixteen, and that’s what keeps happening – I keep telling myself ‘I’m 16, I have plenty of time’, despite the fact that it’s impossible to know. All the same, I chose around the age of 15 to remove myself from the few professional contacts I’d worked up and stopped seeing myself as an artist. At the moment, I’m a doodler. Not much of one. People like what I do but it seems that nobody really recognises the different between amazing talent and having an ability.

    When I went to a comic convention about two years back I talked with a few humour artists and a few ‘action’ artists too, showing them my work. Funnily enough, Anatomy never came up as an issue. Which…somewhat confused me. And I remain confused today. Is it really that important or is just what ‘serious’ artists try to preach? Maybe it’s because I was 15 at the time.

    Too many artists see age as an excuse. I think criticism is what all people should ride off of and if they don’t only criticism’ll tell them they should.

    Excellent post, I’m really glad to hear some logic with a comic undertone.

    Also, I have it on good grounds that a certain Wobblecopter man isn’t planned to return to a certain series of monster-based comic strips. Just a hint!

    • 31 Comic Dissector
      August 18, 2010 at 10:33 pm

      To be honest, anatomy is not the first thing I would note from a complete stranger’s work, at least if they had other things going on with the picture that would even it out. It is just undenieably the basis for every artist along with things like color theory and lighting. As long as you draw biological creatures, real or not, you WILL need anatomy, there’s no escaping it.

      Hmm.. interesting hint. Though I do feel a bit bad now lol! Not like it’s my fault but, eh 😀

  12. 34 Unikeko
    July 4, 2010 at 1:10 am

    Oh my God. I must say that I just discovered this place and this is the best fucking place in planet earth I could spend my hypernight’s end trying to pretend that I do not need to sleep.

    I wish this place existed before I started doing comics myself. I’ve read couple of articles and they’re so full of good information that I feel like drowning in happiness and fear and great mixature of things.

    Also love these little comics you do in middle of your rants, they spice it up (totally cracked at that “God I hate this” part)

    I’m, like, gonna read everything this place has first thing in the morning when I wake up.

  13. 36 ...aatsajlaptynätisallaksune
    July 17, 2010 at 9:05 pm

    Olenko jotenkin itsemurhainen, en tiedä, mutta kun luen näitä postauksiasi, alan palaa halusta piirtää ja näyttää tulokseni sinulle… Olen hieman masokismiin taipuvainen.

  14. August 16, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    new dissection plz

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