Fuck. This will be a battle zone, no matter what I will do. I pondered for a while if I would try and avoid all drama while still making my basic “analysis” of the subject, or just go all the way and be a complete ass like “I hate femcomics ‘cus I hate all women durrr” just to spite everyone. But I have decided not to do that. AREN’T I NICE. APPRECIATE IT.

Sssooo.. let’s get it on.

I wish I had taken courses in feminism or been a bit more interested in women’s rights because I feel rather lost in some of these. But then again I never expected to become a fuck-ass of a critic who writes a stupid-ass blog about how much comics suck and thus happen to find a bunch of comics made by angry feminists and idealists who are much more educated in women’s right issues than I am. Goddammit. I honestly don’t know how to analyze some of these because I feel like I should make a header about how women have risen from the cold hand of oppression and how it affects our comic culture made by our beloved mothers, sisters and girlfriends.. But to my advantage allot of these comics are not femcomics but merely comics made by women. And belive me, there is a difference. And I will concentrate on that side.

So, what is a femcomic?

Comic drawn by a very crude artstyle, and the subject matter is usually so personal that you will always be met with the angriest response if you dare to critisize it, like you said “Your baby is ugly” instead of “You don’t draw very good”. The subject matter is usually either some sort of human rights issue or..

..having your first baby OH GODDAMMIT! If people would just learn to draw BEFORE drawing their babies!

Oh god I am so inconsiderate..

But seriously sometimes The Thing about a comic is honestly the story and not the art. That is unfortunately not the case when a baby is born, because that happens at least 490,000 times per day. It’s baffling if you think of the statistics and what it means in comics, so many new mommies but the ones with the crudest art styles actually want to draw about this? Why!?

So yeah. These comics are made for people who make babies. I love kids, I really do. I find kids adorable even if they are screaming and complaining, I want to be a great father some day, allright. But I just don’t fucking get these comics. All I can gather from this one is that it’s drawn like it was made by the artist’s newborn and not the artist herself. And all the while I feel like a bad person. God I hate this..

All comics by Katja Tukiainen are about her life and things close to her. She got quite allot of praise when she published a comic about her childhood and the.. sex life of her grandma. Yeah, you read me right.

And the games she used to play when she was a kid

..yyyeah. Um. Eh.

Her comics contain incredible amount of pee and sex stories, and when told with that kind of style.. it’s horrible. But then again I just happen to have a personal hatred for art styles like these. They burn right into my soul and ignite a burning flame of hatred and no amount of babies will help me to calm down. So in all fairness her comics really strike into certain issues very well – she shows to her readers that people start being ashamed when they are taught into it by adults and learn there’s nothing to be ashamed of only when they are senior citizens.

Or that’s at least how I’d like to interpreter it. With her artistic skill she just might’ve tried to say that she likes sprinkles on her icecream or something. I can’t really even read her horrible handwriting. Her travel diary comic really appealed to me, though. It was hard to read, messy, ugly.. but travel diaries are my personal favourite things to read so eh.

So yes, she only draws about things that will surely get an audience. Cheap, ingenious or accidental? I vote on accidental. Still, even though she might not be the most amazing artist, I would let her adopt me any day.

One of the similar artists is Kati Kovács. Crude art style and lots of piss, bodily functions and swearing.

And I fucking love all her work. Her artstyle is crude and awful but she makes it work and uses it for her advantage! Vihreä Rapsodia was incredibly interesting reading experience.

But her true masterpiece is (imo) Karu Selli – Carou Cell, though in finnish it is a word play as “karu” means deserted, abandoned, rough “selli” is a prison cell but “karuselli” is a borrowed word, a carousel. And it was incredible how she made the comic follow it’s  name so cleverly, it was a very creative play with abstract concepts. The story is about an overweight woman in a childless marriage who needs to find herself. Sounds boring and only for fat, old ladies but damnit, it was so clever and interestig that even I got something from it.

Unlike most femcomics which can only be understood if you are a woman, Karu Selli is a masterpiece which will open the way the main character thinks for everyone who reads it. In fact, the reason why it is so is probably because Kati is not a femcomic artist but just a woman who happens to draw comics about women’s issues and is a woman. Though she really fits the description of a femcomic artist – wheter she likes it or not.

There’s also some femcomics made by people who are educated by artschools. Or there’s at least one “proper artist” around the circles.

This comic seemed at first like a collection of teenage whine.

Yeah, listen to your father. Go to school. What’s the big deal?

She also drew a comic of how the father tells her how she looks horrible with the piercings and weird hairstyle, and.. eh. My father has told me the same things. “Cut your hair, hippiecommie”, “Don’t pierce your ears, you look gay”, “If you’re going out with those on you’ll get your ass kicked” And he was absolutely right. He just warned me because he loves me. Stop getting traumas when your parents warn you, people That’s their job, that’s what they do. They love you! Sheesh..

Then there’s some feminist rage and blah blah blah good god. She also claimed that women never yell nasty suggestions at young men and other weird shit. Or am I really the only guy who’s been hit on  by drunk cougars? Nevermind..

The best thing I got out of this comic was the striking “you should not judge until you have met” kind of random meetings the artist (or her friends??) has encountered. A meeting with a young, drunken and broken man is my favourite. I don’t want to spoil it for you, if you want to see it, read it.

You’ll just have to read trough pages and pages of general and feminist whinage to get these jewels. And please for the sake of all llamas and kittens in the world don’t get me wrong here. I think she speaks the truth, but the way she does it is wrong. The manner she brings all this into the readers knowledge is angry and bitter. There’s just anger, yelling, bitterness, hate.. we’d do with much less of that. And yeah, I.. er.. sense the irony of me saying that in this character and why, yes it does burn and sting quite alot thanks for asking.

But if you think Jää is an angry comic..

Oh good god.

When the action starts I feel like I am watching a summer play by a local suckass actor’s group. I can just hear by my mind’s ears how they mumble half the words, or overact and have this high-pitched, nervous voice of a first-time actor. I can’t put my finger on it, but something makes this scene look uncanny and unnatural. Maybe it’s their lines, I mean.. just read them.

Why is it that whenever finnish people do comics or movies in particular there’s always this unnecessarily angry person? Who behaves this way? Augh!

But the real downer is the subject matter. Oh my what will a feminist comic’s subject matter be?

Oh fuck. Seriously? Rape? I can see where this is going, we will be introduced to all sorts of forms of female empowerment!!

Female empowerment with public shaming!!

Female empowerment with mob justice!!!

Female empowerment with even MORE MOB JUSTICE and PUBLIC SHAMING!!!


That’s right girls, don’t call the police. Blackmail, shame and let the mob do the rest. We got the police and justice system just for show anyways. They’re there just eating donuts with mämmi and putting on silly wigs, the good old-fashioned mob justice is the right way for all your justice needs.

What the fuck.

Oh, Ps.  we just changed the law and made the rape sentences longer, tougher and being drunk is no longer an excuse for the rapist to get a free ticket out of jail. Maybe the law peeps read this comic hah.

And as a side notice..

Public park = public toilet

Stealing someone else’s copymachine for use by pretending you’re the new cleaner = AWWRIGHT!

Oh, and men can’t be feminists. Or okay, they can but they probably just want to dominate the conversation and have all kinds of wrong ideas and opinions.

I don’t think I have ever hated the whole cast of a comic this much. They are a bunch of thieving, aggressive drunktards with no manners. Or rapists. What a bunch of weiners. But, surprisingly, this was not a bad comic. Not bad at all. It was drawn well, it went smoothly, the text was clear and neat.. but oh god the story, characters, lines and content. It was nothing more than a wet daydream of a revenge-filled mind.

All feminist or human rights issue comics are not as dark and immature as Tuuli ja Myrsky, though. Some actually  use humour for their advantage, but unfortunately they do it so that only the target audience understands the jokes or even finds it funny.

Though, I’ll admit, it was pretty funny when one of the characters imagines what kind of a senile horndog she will be when she’s old and hospitalized.

Haha! Fucking horrible.. I love it. And to be honest, I’d rather feel like an outsider when reading a comic made by lesbian to lesbian or from gay to gay than feel like a fucking idiot while reading yaoi made by stupid teenage girls or idiotic lesbian fantasy fanfics by way too horny males. I can’t get into them properly when I feel so embarraced for the author. I know, there’s something seriously wrong with me.

I also just realised that even the straight ones draw comics where I feel like an outsider. And I just have to mention one good example of this – Anne Muhonen. She used to do this comic “Ada” which was about this metahead girl who lived pretty mundane girl’s life. But somehow those comics were not bad at all. I got them, and at times they kinda spoke to me. She did not draw bad, even that her style is a bit naivistic but it doesn’t matter when she is such a good storyteller.

Ada is very slice-of-life kind of comic, and I’ll admit, I love slice-of-life as long as it is not mumblecore or shit like that. And Ada is not shit like that. And I guess I can relate to it because I’m quite a metalhead myself. All of the characters are nice, realistic and.. quite normal like they “should” in this genre of comics. I can forgive the clumsy art style for that, and it is not really even near as bad as Katja Tukainen’s style. At best slice-of-life shows how incredibly interesting creatures human beings and our strange social behaviour and interaction is. Ada gets a bit too personal and main-character-centered to get into that depth, but it was still lovely.

But then.. she had a baby

dun dun DUNNN

All the characters are still very real and likeable, they are real people after all. The art style is still the same, but.. what used to be an artist who did long stories with a plot and character development has now downgraded into a cartoonist who makes one strip per one page, characters floating in white void.

Damn you babies.. damn you.

But not all comics are about babies and feminism. Some are about actual, normal life of everyday people. Thanks to Vuodatus we got plenty of those and some have even got published, like Jupu.

She’s pretty fucking hilarious. I nearly died when I read this book and got to the part where she theorizes if a dog-like man would be the best boyfriend ever, and this image comes up:

I’ve seen this joke made many times before but this is the first time I ever laugh to it.

You can find her comic here: http://jupu.vuodatus.net/ so I won’t dwell into it any more

Another good one who did a self-publish is Noora Kivisilta

She writes a comic diary about her life, just like Jupu and she is just as hilarious. Maybe even more hilarious? She also writes more about the sad and silent but happy moments of her life unlike Jupu. She draws about her depression, stress but also  moments she found striking, like seeing a wild mouse climb a straw and some moments with her girlfriend. All this doesn’t take away from the fact that her style is more like a comedy, and only makes it more entertaining.

I’d totally fall for that, too.

You can find her here: http://moskiittoradio.vuodatus.net/

All of these comic diary things are not comedy. Some are actually trying to get a point across or something.. but.. eh.. why is it always the eco-hippies who got something to say? And do it by being annoying?


This comic has some pretty retarded and overused imagery which tries to cleverly play with abstract concepts. And fails. I’ve seen the metaphor of driving a car being like living your life to fullest at least million times before, and done much better.

There’s also some idiotic comic about a poor person and a rich person arguing. Which, again, I have seen a million times before and done much better.

Good god blah blah blaaaah. But I have to admit, I really liked the one where she misses her dead rat and realises she just has to let it be because dead cannot be brought back.

This has been done a million times before also, but I quess I’m just biased.

OH! I think I finally found my soft spot! Maybe I can use this to understand Katja Tukiainen’s work!

This totally works! I totally get the comic now! ..kinda ..except for all that “You were inside me”, “Cut the perineum” and “Breastfeeding has become part of my identity”

Okay, I’m totally fucking lost and it’s still drawn horribly. But I made a new discovery just now.

She really draws her baby well. That’s deep. She really goes up in skill when she draws with love ❤

Good god I speak like a pansy already. And I totally got de-railed. Back to Hanna!

She is proven to be a vegan, so I don’t really get the point of this comic she had in her older self-publish.

A child complains that he wants meat. The parents are vegan. What will the parents do?


Is this comic for veganism or against veganism? I thought vegans like to promote their diet and not.. whatever she is doing here? Maybe she’s trying to wake up vegans and make them see what kind of monsters and asses they are when they go insane about it and only scare and quilt-trip people around them. I can just hope it is so.

But not all femcomic artists are annoying hippies, or draw only about women’s rights and babies. I was really surprised when I read the comic by Reetta Niemensivu. It is very girly, allright and it is a love story, but it was rather nicely done. I can’t really complain.

Yeah, she can draw allright. She can also tell a story, and use frames and space to her advantage.

The story is really sad and in it’s own way, very dramatic. It is also about very regular people, without any nonsense.

My first thoughts after reading it were: Why are women so fucking obsessed with the old centuries? Why does every goddamn love story have to happen somewhere between 1800 and 1900? Is no proper dental hygiene so fucking awesome or what?! What’s wrong with running water and, you know.. good life? Also, it really struck to me how it was so ridicilously finnish every time I see a finnish love story, it’s something really fucking depressing. Why won’t finnish people love happily? sheesh, cheer up.. Then I read the back of the comic. The comic is actually based on the life of her grandmother. And oh boy did I feel fucking stupid.

This comic would probably be a really good read for people who like romance. It didn’t really work for me because it just left me feeling sad and I don’t particularly like feeling sad. Of course a really good romance story probably works even for people like me, and I know I’ve cried like a baby when I’ve watched some movies and actually felt a little flutter of a heart, but they were never for movies where people would usually feel those feeligs so.. eh.

Snivel.. oh Willard and Ratatouille. You masterpieces..

As a side note; why are nearly all of these comic covers either pink, yellow or orange?


There’s still one woman who I’d like to mention here as a great fucking artist. Seriously, she is the reason Finland was once a great comic country. She was an incredible success and I love her work.

Tove Janson and her Moomins

She was really only half finnish as she were sweden-finnish, so some might complain she is not a “real” finnish comic artist but I have never understood this mentality. Also, the Muumi-Yhtiö resides in finland and her grandchildren still live in Finland. At least one of them, I quess. I’m really bad at gossip, sorry 😦

But truly, we all should aim to be such artists as Tove was. She was absolutely amazing, her work was stupendous and no one doesn’t even seem to try and be like her. We need someone who is like Tove, we need good comics with vast, imaginative worlds, creatures and loveable characters who still seem so real to the readers. I feel the finnish femcomic or really the global femcomic scene is keeping some people down. It’s all about babies, human rights, blaming others and drawing bad. Where did all the Toves go?

I promise I will make an entry about Tove one day, the comics are just so pricy that I absolutely cannot buy them all fast enough, and they are incredibly wanted in here. I have hard time getting my hands on all of them fast enough.

But once upon a time Finland’s whole cartoon world was supported by one woman. I wonder where all that inventive, imaginative power got lost to. And this applies to all genders.




Ps. Happy holidays. I usually make an entry in one day, only sleeping, eating and going to the loo untill the entry is ready but now I was so busy I had to make this in 3-4 days. Appreciate it. Also, I have no time to send this to my “editor” so  please enjoy all the spelling errors.







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      Valehtele ees et oli paras 😥 ja mä sain vaan hiiliä ja risuja.
      No ee, mukaavata on.
      Haha, joo se on vähän toinen asia. Hopeanuolikin oli oikeasti ihan helvetin hyvää viihdettä ja siitä vois oppia yhtä ja toista mutta ihmiset vaan tyytyy treissaamaan niinkuin idiootit. Muumeissa on vähän sama juttu, ihmiset miettii “hmm, miten voisin olla yhtä mielikuvituksellinen ja nerokas” mutta juuttuvat vaan matkimaan ja tekemään täsmälleen sitä samaa. Tai ehkä ne ei edes ajattele noin vaan hyppää suoraan apinoimiseen.
      Mutta joo, me ei tarvita uutta muumi-kopiota, vaan uutta innovatiivista ihmistä jolla on taitoa ja halua.

      Mutta Muumi-sarjakuvia on kyllä niin helvetin vaikea saada käsiinsä.. ne maksaa saman verran antikvariaatissa kuin kaupassa – ellei enemmänkin. Tana.

  7. 13 Smartass
    December 26, 2010 at 10:51 pm

    God bless you, man! I mean honestly!
    I find it damn hilarious that way too often in comics made by women, “having a message” is a synonym for “preach like bitch mama”. And I can’t honestly figure out who in the heck would consider that to be anyhow entertaining. Sure, those can have criticism and ideas, but way too often being covered by that bitchy attitude.
    Also Tukiainen, aargh! I don’t like her style either, but I think it would fit better in some sort of story type, but since she has some sort of obsessions to talk about “Me! Me! MEEEEEE!” and all the other biographic shit, we will never know.

    • 14 Comic Dissector
      December 27, 2010 at 12:08 am

      I know allot of men who do the same kind of comics, but I’ll have to be annoying and admit that they too are enviromentalists and that is probably the source of their bitchy-angry-drama. I wish someone would make a point with a comic about enviromentalism without being a bitchass. Or feminism, or any political human rights agenda ever.
      Persepolis is a great example. No preaching, just message, info, research. Carl Barks also did enviromentalism-related Donald Duck stories with great message and humorous content (even though he would’ve made the endings more sad if it wasn’t up to the editor) Bitchy attitude will only get people who are already on your side to side with you. There’s no education, everyone’s just angry and making eachother angry.

      Usually when people are interested in art or storytelling they are also interested in bettering themselves and studying art. So the thing with Tukiainen is probably so that she doesn’t care about art or stories, she just wants to live a normal life and she.. for some reason wants to share it with everyone.
      Or worse, she is one of those “anarchists” who don’t want to draw good so others don’t get hurt when they can’t draw. I shit you not, these people exist.

      • 15 Smartass
        December 27, 2010 at 8:06 pm

        Yet I beg different. I mean there’s just so many female creators, who seem to have obvious agendas for personal reasons to bring it up in the story as the main theme or just side-railing it. I’m not saying they are making the story bad at all, but way too many times it’s been…well, too obvious. Sure, it’s not just something you see only in comics done by women, but it’s kind of water-breaker there (like reading anthologies, you can taste, when the creator have been woman). Thought I think this sort of pulp-manga, what they’ve brought to all over the world, do help this new generations of girls to make stories based from entertaining assets rather than personal reasons to make a story.

        Ain’t whole Finnish comic scene quite into this “Lets all the flowers bloom”? Not that it’s bad thing at all, but in these case like Tukiainen, no way something to encourage to do.

    • December 27, 2010 at 8:59 pm

      You realise that there are a lot of male comic book creators who do diary comics and by proxy those are all about “me, me ,me!”, right? And the reason why a lot of female comic creators might possibly maybe rather write about stuff that’s relevant to themselves, is that what female comic book creators grew up with was an oversaturation of purely fictionalised comics. Marvel and DC anyone?
      Also, raging generalisations. As long as there’s been an indie scene (anywhere), there’s been a vast variety of different kinds of comics, some with more of a message and some with less. Comics with a feminists agenda are a natural continuation of the sort of female models the “regular”, mainstream comics offer.

      • 17 Comic Dissector
        December 27, 2010 at 10:38 pm

        Not only women grew up with those comics. And I fucking hate marvel, I’d rather read Oblivion High for the rest of my life than that boring big-man-drama. And I dunno, that’s a strange statement because most of our entertainment is fiction anyway, and if you don’t want that, you can watch documentaries or read memoirs or whatnot.
        Reality just got popularised, so maybe everyone just wants in?
        I know allot of women who make awesome fiction, but for some reason the femcomic circle is full of untalented people who just ramble about their own life. Weird.

      • 18 Comic Dissector
        December 27, 2010 at 10:39 pm

        Ps. if you can’t find reply button, reply to the comment closest at hand or something so that it would thread nicely. This blog is kinda fucked.

      • 19 Smartass
        December 28, 2010 at 9:23 pm

        You do realize that majority of diary comics are done by women? The argument was that comic diaries are more of women’s thing and since they have certain “Me! Me! Me!”-taste, since they are damn DIARY comics, sorry for not being elaborate enough.
        The problem isn’t that you do take parts and pieces from what you find important in your life, but make it something, that’s not just preaching the wax out of reader’s ears, you have to put things on perspective. That’s been something, what I rarely see in women’s comics, but I hope it’s up to change, thanks to the amount of becoming comic creators.
        That’s why I hope that making stories in entertainment assets would help there, not to make shitty DC/Marvel-stuff (which I haven’t ever read properly), but make more of good and entertaining comics, what these new generation of women comic creators are currently doing in US. I mean, honestly, with comic diaries, you don’t get far ahead, if you don’t have agenda to tell, were you man or woman.

    • 20 Comic Dissector
      December 27, 2010 at 10:29 pm

      Usually I can see wheter the creator of a comic is a female or male from the style, and I don’t even mean that their style would be naive or something, art just tells allot about the person behind it. But yeah, it’s pretty dissapointing to see that women do have this certain “stigma” about their subject matters. I’d really like to see, for example, a comic about a man getting raped and getting all fucked up from it. I doubt many feminists would even try to take it seriously and it’s sad.
      People will always draw about things they feel touched by personally, but yeah, you’re right. I feel it’s a problem with maturity. What I’ve seen is really juvenile whining and not seeing the big picture. That doesn’t make a good story.

      Yeah, the circles are so small that if you talk bad about one person’s art, you’re fucked. That might be the problem.

      • December 28, 2010 at 12:52 pm

        Damn, I did hit the nearest reply-button! 😀
        The reply was directed at Smartass over there.
        If I was a boy, Marvel an DC would offer a lot more for a lot longer than they did now. It’s just the stereotypes of men and women that we’re grown into that mainstream comics are all too happy to uphold. Which is probably one of the reasons it took such a long time for female comic creators to become more commonplace. Superhero comics didn’t offer anything particularly attractive for young women and neither did romance comics. Obviously diary comics do. I could go all psychological on this since it clearly is attached in some way to the way women view their surroundings and process it differently from men, but meh… exceptions to every rule and all that. 🙂

      • 22 Comic Dissector
        December 28, 2010 at 5:37 pm

        Yeah, don’t worry, I tried to look ahead and warn everyone of this dissapearing reply-button problem. Also, interesting thoughts, I had to weigh in because of that.
        I just don’t still understand why this applies only to women.. and Marvel and DC and whatnot has quite allot of female superheroes, too.
        I just see it as a general trend of need for reality shows. That’s probably why Vuodatus is so popular, everyone seems to have their own blog. But you might be right in the sense that most of the blogs there seem to be made by women.

      • 23 Smartass
        December 28, 2010 at 9:51 pm

        (I think there’s some sort of comment setting that allows you to choose how many nested comments there is able to be.)

        I do prefer reality over fantasy quite much, but the problem I see “too dear subject”-things is that how much that controls over being entertaining* story: if you’ve been raped and you want to tell the story, it’s way too much to ask that you sympathized the side of rapist at all. And I don’t blame for this, but as storyteller people ought to ask is this something I want to communicate with reader with a story as me, the writer. Writing fiction in a setting where the writer communicates as writer, not with the story, ends up being something, you can taste, and that’s rarely have success
        Like Takalo for example, she has bunch of stories, where she wants to tell the story, but when she doesn’t, voilá, the preaching factor rises (and frankly, I love Takalo’s works a lot). Of course, this do happen also with men.

        *And by entertaining story, I don’t mean happy ends or even light tones of telling it.

  8. December 26, 2010 at 11:33 pm

    “I’d totally fall for that, too.”
    Tiiän, oon aika karismaattinen silleen 😀

    Että sainkin tosta hienon syyn kirjottaa tänne, tyylikkäästi tyttöystävän siivellä.
    Noei, tulin vaan sanomaan että tää blogi on ehkä parasta ikinä, käyn täällä tyyliin päivittäin jos olisit vaikka ihan vahingossa päivittänyt…. olin räjähtää kyl oli vihdoin tullu päivitys ja sitten vielä ruodit Nooran sarjakuvaa, täydellinen joulu.

    Päivittäisit vaan enemmän senkin kurja.


    • 25 Comic Dissector
      December 27, 2010 at 12:13 am

      Ahaha, no mutta mitä tyttöystäväsikin sanoo
      ..mitä minun tyttöystäväni sanoo <__<'
      Ei se mitään! Paetaan yhdessä kuuhun! ..tai jotain. ..Tää vitsi karkas käsistä, tiedän

      Kröhöm! Joo, hyvä että piristi 😀 Vaikuttaa siltä että mun on pakko ottaa itteeni niskasta ja päivitellä useammin. Sain kiristettyä pukiltakin vähän juttuja jotka voisi auttaa asiaa.

  9. 26 elli
    December 28, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    kato eti kirjastoista muumisarjiksii. ja jotkut villerannat varmaa löytyy kirjastost kans, käytä ropoisias vaan jos on pakko! ja jos tosiaan tahot tukee taiteiliaa

    • 27 Comic Dissector
      December 28, 2010 at 5:40 pm

      Joo, niin teinkin ainakin Oblivion Highn kanssa. Mun on vaan lähin kirjasto aika kaukana ja lisäksi mulla on huono muisti. Vois kyllä matkustaa lainaamaan, on mulla vielä yks kirjasto minne ei ole viiden miljoonan sakkoa tai mun kuvaa seinällä jossa lukee varoituksia. Heh.

  10. 28 Vol
    December 29, 2010 at 10:05 am

    Höh, paljastankohan taas vain oman typeryyteni, kun en ole koskaan osannut vetää viivaa naisten tekemien sarjakuvien ja niiden käsittelemien aiheiden välille. Tai sitten se johtuu vain siitä, että elän niin syvällä fantasian syövereissä, etten edes tajua lukea oikeasta elämästä kertovia juttuja. No, oli miten oli, niin tämä oli varsin valaiseva lukukokemus. Sukupuoliroolitus on mielenkiintoista seurattavaa, enkä ollut tosiaan aiemmin hoksannut, että sitä pääsee tarkkailemaan myös sarjakuvien maailmassa.

    Varsinkin tuo Tiitu Takalon raiskaustarina vaikuttaa siltä kantilta katsoen ihan lukemisen arvoiselta. Minusta on kiinnostavaa, miten juuri tuo “female empowerment” voi vääränlaisessa päässä nopeasti kääntyä tarkoittamaan lupaa heittäytyä raakalaiseksi. (Tosin pakko myöntää, että menetin melko ison osan uskosta Suomen oikeuslaitoksen kykyyn langettaa asiallisia tuomioita raiskaajille, kun – muistaakseni – Etelä-Savon käräjäoikeus tuomitsi raiskaajan pelkkään yhdyskuntapalveluun laskettuaan lieventäväksi asianhaaraksi sen, että miehellä oli vakituinen työpaikka.)

    Thjuu, ehkäpä hiljenen, ennen kuin lipeän asiasta kukkaruukkuun.

    • 29 Comic Dissector
      December 29, 2010 at 10:43 pm

      Ihan hyvä vaan jos ei jaksa huomata tollaisia asioita ja vaivata niillä päätään. Tosielämä on yliarvostettua joka tapauksessa ja lisäksi masentavaa.
      Hassua muuten on että juuri ne ketkä taistelevat näitä sukupuoliroolituksia vastaan ovat juuri niitä ketkä niitä pitävät yllä tällaisella taiteella. Tiitunkin sarjakuvissa oli monta kohtausta jossa joku kategorisoi kaikki miehet samaan ja se sivuutettiin niin että joku hahmoista argumentoi miesten puolesta, mutta kaikki jatkoivat silti sitä samaa käyttäytymistään joka loppujenlopuksi kulminoitui väkivaltaan.
      Loppujen lopuksi sarjakuvan viesti (jos sitä edes alun alkaen oli) katosi omaan tekopyhyyteensä. Aika surullista.

      Se hyvä tuossa Tuuli & Myrskyssä oli että sen voi tosiaan ottaa niinkuin itse sen päättää ottaa. Siinä on vaan huonoa se, että kaikki taide on sellaista. Oli aihe mikä hyvvänsä, seksuaalivalistus, ihmisten oikeudet, eläinten oikeudet niin siitä olisi hyvä olla puolueeton opetus/valistussarjakuva. Vaikuttaa vaan siltä että ketään ei kykene tekemään sellaista..

      • 30 Vol
        December 31, 2010 at 1:36 pm

        Puolueeton, tai edes asiaan ilman valtavaa tunnelatausta suhtautuva opetus-/valistussarjakuva olisi kyllä kaunis asia. On se hämmentävää, miten harva tosiaan tuntuu voivan (haluavan?) argumentoida asiansa puolesta ilman, että maalaa omasta puolestaan kaikin puolin virheettömän ja loisteliaan jeesusinkarnaation, jonka oppeja seuraamalla oikeus voittaa ja maailma pelastuu. (Varsinkin, jos on puhe jonkun ryhmän oikeuksista.) Osoittaako se loppujen lopuksi kovinkaan vakaata uskoa omaan mielipiteeseensä, jos ei pysty väittelemään sen puolesta heittelemättä keskusteluun olkinukkeja, yleistyksiä ja liioitteluja?

        Toisaalta nyt kun ajattelee, niin jäädessään kiinni överipuheenavauksestaan, valistaja sanoo vain haluavansa avata keskustelua. Se totta vie onnistuu edellämainituin keinoin, maltilliset suunvuorot kun tuppaavat jäämään vähemmälle huomiolle. Toisaalta aggressiivinen lähestymistapa saa ihmisissä aikaan voimakkaitakin vastareaktioita, kun taas kunnioittava ja varovaisempi lähestymistapa saattaa avata paremmin kanavia avoimelle dialogille. Kumpi loppujen lopuksi kuitenkaan toimii paremmin, lihava riita vai pienemmäksi jäävä keskustelu? Itse taipuisin kyllä maltillisemman lähestymisen suuntaan, sillä uskon sen luovan pitempikestoisia tuloksia. Mene ja tiedä sitten.

    • 31 Comic Dissector
      January 1, 2011 at 3:27 pm

      Jos vielä kerran näen jonkun sanovan “Halusin vain avata keskustelua” niin multa räjähtää pää. Mikä tahansa avaa keskustelua, siihen ei nyt paljoa tarvita. Todellista taitoa vaatii opettaa, ja vielä niin että siitä oppii jotain.

  11. January 1, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    Ah Tiitu Takalo.
    Pari vuotta sitten Juba oli sairaslomalla ja hesariin palkattiin aina viikoksi eri sarjakuvapiirtäjiä piirtämään Viiviä ja Wagneria, Takalo eräällä viikolla. Tämä käänsi
    Viivin ja Wagnerin roolit päälaelleen, ja hiljalleen strippi stripiltä aukesi että nainen
    saikin “pahiksen” roolin. Harmittaa, ettei ole tullut Takalon töitä luettua.
    Jupua ja moskiittoradiota olen seurannut vuodatuksessa, ja minusta sarjakuva-blogien perusteella tehdyt pienlehdet (esmes. Milla Paloniemen “En vaan osaa” kokoelmat) ovat aivan mahdottoman ihania.

    Sitten Toveen. En voi sanoa muuta kuin että siinä on taiteilija itsessään. Kirjailija,kuvataiteilija ja sarjakuvapiirtäjä, ja täydellisen lahjakas näissä kaikissa.
    Toven filosofiset mietelmät ovat iki-ihania, ja niissä kyllä piilee se elämän tarkoitus. Kukaan ei vain kai ole tajunnut sitä sieltä etsiä.

    Ensimmäisen kirjan takanahan taisi olla sitaatti “Haluan vain elää rauhassa, kasvattaa perunoita ja haaveilla.”

  12. January 7, 2011 at 9:11 am

    Mun on ihan pakko tarttua tuohon Tove Jansson juttuun, vihaan vain henkilökohtaisesti sitä, kuinka ihmiset napisevat, ettei sitä voisi muka kutsua täysin suomalaiseksi sarjakuvapiirtäjäksi, koska se on suomenruotsalainen. Tove syntyi, eli ja kuoli Suomessa, isä oli täysin suomalainen ja äiti kylläkin syntyjään ruotsalainen, mutta joka työskenteli, asui ja kuoli Suomessa – vain se, että Tove sattui puhumaan ruotsia äidinkielenään ei muuta sitä tosi asiaa, että hän oli puhtaasti suomalainen. Suurin osa Suomen suurista taiteilijoista 1800-luvulla ja 1900-luvun alussa ovat olleet suomenruotsalaisia (Topeliukset, Runebergit ja muut), mutta ei kukaan ole koskaan kyseenalaistanut heidän suomalaisuuttaan, kuten Toven kohdalla usein tehdään D: Kerran jopa kuulin, kun yksi tuttu vastasi Trivial Pursuitissa Toven olleen kotoisin Ruotsista, siinä vaiheessa teki mieli facepalmata ja lujaa.

  13. 34 Susapp
    January 15, 2011 at 10:56 pm

    WELL….. About the covers!

    I believe the covers have similar colours because warm colours just… appeal to female readers. Just like men prefer brighter and more ‘clear’ colour choices. Like red and blue and so on. That’s why the superheroes have such simple colour-charts going on, like:

    Spiderman: blue, red, black
    Superman: blue, red, yellow
    Batman: grey, black, yellow
    Wolverine: yellow, blue, black

    etc. etc.

    A great entry once again, but I felt the need to say this, since I’m studying graphic design after all. XD So I think it’s just about attracting the wanted audience.

  14. 35 Jeba
    January 20, 2011 at 6:44 pm

    Eikös tuo “ostaminen ja omistaminen tietää vain huolia ja matkalaukkuja joita joutuu kantamaan mukanaan” ole suoraan lainattu Nuuskamuikkuselta/Muumeista.

  15. 36 Jeba
    January 20, 2011 at 6:45 pm

    Oho mistä toi ostaminen tuonne tuli. nojaaaaa

  16. 37 Lulu
    January 21, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    Sivari on siviilipalvelusmies eikä siivooja!

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