Wurr – First issue

After going trough so many shitty femcomics which only revolve around wombs and tits, it is a good time to dissect a comic which was done by a woman but has nothing to do with actual femcomics. I doubt many would’ve guessed that the author of this one was a woman unless I mentioned it, and that’s great. It’s great when comics don’t rely on who or what the author is, or what the message is, but just on pure skill.. or sometimes, just pure lack of skill. Which category does Wurr belong to? We’ll find out.

The comic is about mutated wolfaboos living in a crater. I’ve noticed that any story about wild animals is nearly always about a group of animals who are migrating somewhere. Balto, Brother Bear, Silver Fang, Pride od Baghdad.. it’s always about going to a new area. It’s the same with Wurr. The dogs in this comic are all sparkleanimals and have some sort of superpowers or.. are terribly crippled. Eh? Okay, that doesn’t sound very sparkly after all. What kind of a sparkledog artist would draw actually, terribly crippled and ugly dogs?

Well, let me tell you, Wurr is drawn by E. Jokinen aka Wolfpearl, the biggest animal and creature bioloy nerd you’ll ever meet in your life. She’s practically obsessed with anything related to the subject, and it fucking shows. Every creature is drawn and designed with great understanding for anatomy and biology. She also uses it in her advantage in the plot and the world.

So, observe. Here is a few specimens of your regular sparkledogs.

Horrible colours, horrible anatomy, absoltely no regard to any sort of aesthetics which would be universally (or even locally) viewed as pleasant or well done. And they’re fucking everywhere. More info at: http://community.livejournal.com/anti_sparkledog/

But miss Jokinen?

No eye-raping colour, no stupid-ass designs, sometimes the trait of the character dawns on the reader after they think “Hey.. what’s wrong with this thing? It doesn’t quite make se.. ohgodithasnoeyesandthety’reonitstoung” Their mutations still seem awfully random. What kind of an animal would ever have eyes on toung, heat vision even if they’re mammal or in the case of one of the characters – a skill to shoot electricity? But then again – it’s fantasy, and  I think this comic makes even the craziest stuff work by finding just that fine line between fantasy and reality. I like especially how Iralbe works.

Some of the mutations actually mimic real-life mutations

Now how neat is that? Also, some who have unrealistic mutations have been made more believable by adding some real ones.

The “normal” anatomy is also stupendous, everyone looks just awesome.

Everything works. And you have no idea how rare it is that everything works this well. This comic is just a galore and party of awesome poses, movement, foreshortening and creative anatomy. Gladly, it doesn’t end to just everything looking good, there’s many points in this comic where the cripplement or special abilities of the characters become important or useful in a non-melodramatic way and bring the plot forward.

Speaking of which..

I feel like the plot didn’t really get to start with it’s full force yet. And I really love how it started.

Yeah, at first I was reminded of Watership Down and cringed at the ligth vs. dark theme, but then the perspective came on and.. I am intriqued. This is promising. And did it fullfill it’s promise?

As I mentioned, the story didn’t really get to even start properly yet, this issue was a mere introduction to the world they live in and to the characters. The story started nicely by rounding up one character at a time, so that we have properly time to get known to their special abilities, appearance and get used to their names.

Yeah, their names are your basic set of fantasy names, Iacar, Pyramos, Iralbe, Badjaw, Hafmar, Surama, Morri.. er.. okay, Morri probaby doesn’t count and the character with the corniest name – Nightclaw doesn’t even show up, ever. Goddammit, I don’t think I can complain about that, either. There must be something I can complain about!


The characters act like your basic, silly teenagers. None of them seem somehow.. mature. There’s something slapstick-y about their behaviour. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s just some weird, melodramatic tomfoolery going on with how they react to things.

Reacting with “NOOOOOOOOO!” to bad news when others are calm, saying “I am calm” really angrily and then going on with a tangent of angry complaints in the background, korny “You belong to me now, strange pack! Aroo!” battle talk.. this is way too korny behaviour for critters who have been drawn this well and put to live on this well made world! Though I dunno, maybe there has to be this underlying comedic tone so it would not be too depressing to watch malformed dogs live in a dry canyon with almost no food? Oh god, I can see it now…

Eh.. yeah, maybe it’s good it’s not so excessive after all. But I am still a bit peeved.

Oh, and the main character, has a bad lisp and it can be read whenever he speaks main character, people!

This is bad karma, folks. It comes from whenever someone has complained that vampires speak too clearly to have such big fangs or that those aliens couldn’t make words with those tiny/humongous mouths. So now we have a main character who realistically has a lisp because he has way too big fangs. When I first read it in english, I was struggling to understand him and I doubted that it was a good idea to give him such a speech imparement. But then I bought the book with finnish speech bubbles and I could now understand every word without a problem. I wonder if english people have problems understanding his english. I can’t really think of Iacar without his problem, though. It really has become such a big part of his design that even if it’s a problem, it would not serve any purpose to change it.

I also cringed when this convo happened:

Again with the goddamn “I can just snap any minute and kill everything around me arooo! yiff!” cliche! It’s like Blackblood Alliance all over again!

God I hate stupid shit like that. But to be honest, in Wurr, it was not rubbed on your face and the guy with the madness did not snap and kill someone’s puppies or something equally retarded. In fact, Wurr manages to avoid three of my biggest dog comic pet peeves 1# “I am last of my kind and so special and pretty baww” 2# “YIFFYIFFYIFFMURRRR I AM PRETTY!” 3# God-awful puppies which look like fucking midgets, like in BBA. I was really glad to see Wolfpearl draw puppies. They weren’t particularly young, but it doesn’t really matter.

My last grievance is with the fight scene.

It doesn’t make much sense why it began. It would’ve been much better for the plot if it had begun in some other way than just someone snapping for no apparent reason. And somehow the fight scene wasn’t as dramatic as it could’ve been. It was almost comical in it’s chaos and randomness.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t quite THAT silly, but it was near!

I think the problem with that scene was actually just the “camera shots” as everything was pictured from quite far away and so that every body part was visible. There also wasn’t any full-page screens. It might’ve needed something like this:

Extreme closeups, extreme angles, you know the deal. But the action was really good anyway. The movement lines were awesome and things just went swoosh! swish! bang! I think she went for clarity rather than drama.

Wolfpearl really has the technique and skill for an awesome adventure. Somehow, I feel like this is not quite yet her masterpiece, but it won’t be long until the story kicks in full force. At least I have high hopes and expectations for this comic. What really impressed me in this comic was the real media, BITCHES! The whole comic is made with ink and pencils. Suck on that! Also, somehow I am left feeling like the comic has not enough detail. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing, it is incredible to read, everything is so detailed and fine. But, I feel like she could do even better with A3 sized canvas rather than A4. But then again, it would take much more time and the comic is really so great right now that it would not be worth it to slow it down.

Eh, well that wasn’t so bad at all.

This is so fucking weird, I actually read a dog comic and loved it. The good sides it has overpower the bad sides, which really aren’t quite that bad to begin with. I think this would be what indians would call a “good day to die” because if there’s a good dog comic in this world, I probably am not needed anymore. Unless I can convince Wolfpearl to start drawing huge dog pecks and turn all the dogs into huskies and akita inus. Still, I am not sure if she has managed to make the korny moments into anti-korniness because of the good world and top-notch art or are the korny moments dragging them down, instead.

All in all.. this was a great read and I recommend it for everyone who loves animals or good art.


http://wolfpearl.deviantart.com/ – you can read the whole comic here! Go read it and give her money.


Sparkledogs found trough http://community.livejournal.com/anti_sparkledog/

Ps. The greatest picture I’ve ever seen:


I look exactly the same when nerding around B) NERDS UNITE!

15 Responses to “Wurr – First issue”

  1. 1 Link
    December 31, 2010 at 9:05 pm

    Hell. She has frozen over.
    A dog comic you like? What is this! Though wouldn’t they be more classed as gloomdogs rather than sparkledogs? Not that I would personally consider them either, but I seem to have a rather forgiving definition for them. Either way, those designs are fucking great. I love how the mutations can be useless, or, god forbid, bad! Main character has a lisp? That’s so cool. I bet it isn’t shoved in your face for pity either. “Waaa, lookit him he has a lisp, so spweshul and pwecious ickle bickle doggy woggy, it just makes him more cute and *~UNIQUE~*”
    I mean, not saying people with lisps should be looked down on lol, I have a small one, but god damn it doesn’t make me spesh.
    Were those little mini-claws out of the side of that character actually useful, or just there? Because I think that shows a strength if they were useless personally. So many people are insecure in writing, so they feel they have to point out and overuse EVERY SINGLE THING on their characters. Also, on the 3 headed one, I ADORE how the eyelids are being tugged backwards on the smaller, less visible head. It just looks so convincing and real. This artist isn’t afraid to draw ugly things, and that’s great. Not everything ugly = bad. I never understood why a character had to be beautiful to be good.

    Also seeing some WSW and Khaosdog in there too if I’m not mistaken. I can’t believe how many of those panels had such high details too. Awesome.

    And yeah, as an English speaker, I understood his lisp perfectly well. Obviously I can’t speak for all English people lol, but I would imagine I would have had the same problem as you had it had been in another language, even if I was fluent in it.

    I pulled a happy face when I saw a new entry \o/

    • 2 Comic Dissector
      January 1, 2011 at 2:40 pm

      Haha, I almost forgot about gloomdogs! Though they are just as close to eachother as grunge is to sludge so eh.
      The miniclaws didn’t appear to do really anything, and yeah, I was especially happy to see the eyelids. The artist has a good understanding of how skin works. I’ve tried to draw a two-headed pig many times myself and noticed how hard it is to draw the skin like it should look. If there’s two skulls too near eachother, the skin will not be able to cover each eyelid properly.

      Thanks, maaaan lol

      • 3 Link
        January 1, 2011 at 4:11 pm

        How can you forget about the Gloomdogs? Now they will baww and be emo and cut themselves even more :L

        That’s awesome lol. And yeah I tried that a few times too. Just ended up making them look really old and wrinkly. Wasn’t the best (or intended) look.
        The artist has a good idea of how ALOT of things work by the looks of this haha. I especially love how so many of the panels have the fur colored like fur, not just shading on a blank area.

        Also now I’ve gone and read it, I’d have to agree with what you and Vol said about it not really ‘getting started’. I think she’s definitely done enough to make people want to carry on reading (‘Oh they’re forced out of their home, what are they going to do?’ and ‘What is the new companion going to do/represent’ etc), but that was alot of pages for a beginning.
        But there were lots of pretty drawings to make up for it (and scenery! Omg scenery)

        Oh yw :B

  2. 4 meo
    December 31, 2010 at 10:03 pm

    I will give you a proper comment later, but now I just have to get this out of my system.
    Just realized that that “Get down!” -speechbubble makes this thing play in my head.
    And that’s terrible.

    Now is later.

    Yea, I, too, really like Wurr. It has it’s problems, but… yea, it’s nicely drawn and even if the mutations are a bit random, the character designs work and such. I usually say (not really THAT serious, mind you, but it’s really fun to see the reactions of people who DON’T realize that I use it as a humorous superlative…) I hate canine comics in general, but Wurr is good. Maybe because it’s not “a kawaii doggiegoggie” comic, but a comic about weird outcasts who happen to be vaguely canine shaped. Slightly off-topic, I think that’s what most (finnish, at least, not really read non-finnish canine comics myself) dog comics do wrong, they’re about yiffymurry cool dogwolvez doing cool shit instead of characters, who happen to be canine, doing something. Also everyone seems to like Ginga REALLY much, since it’s (sadly enough) hard to find a plot that is not platantly ripped from it >_> It’s like… I dunno, really, is there a secret dog comic conspiracy that explicitly forbids fresh, new ideas and forces people to go and try reinvent GNG? I really want to like you, doggie comics, I started off by drawing one myself, but you make it so. damn. hard. GAH!

    Wurr is step to the right direction, I think. Maybe people will read it and realize that GNG, no matter how much you love it, should not be your Holy Doggy Bible and only source of inspiration!

    Remember, every time you draw “adult puppy” I’ll sacrifice a real one >:C …. well ok not, but it just irks me so much when people who claim THEY WUV GOGGIES AND KEWWT LIL PUPPIES ADURRABLE LIL’ THINGS BEEN DRAWING THEM FOR 20 YEARS NOW and then don’t bother to… I dunno, LOOK AT ONE to see it’s not just a mini-rayed adult :I

    • 5 Comic Dissector
      January 1, 2011 at 2:57 pm

      Thanks a bunch, now it’s stuck to my head, too!!

      I’ve noticed this trend with every animal comic I have ever read. I’m the kind of guy who will read any comic people link or give me, so I’ve went trough way too many bad doggiecomics. Everyone’s super speshuul or incredibly pretty and very, very misunderstood.
      I can see why the same kind of pattern and story always attract people (heck, I’ve re-started my pokemon games for at least 100 times over and I still like how it goes) but there’s a limit. It has been reached, I think because I’ve seen so many people complain that these bring nothing new anymore and they want realism.

      The manbabypuppy-syndrome is especially weird if you think about the disney cartoons and anime which has inspired people. Those cartoons usually have puppies also, like in GNG the puppies looked really good and the main character grew into adulthood during the story.
      Wait, no, I just realised something. GNG fans are usually the ones who draw good puppies but the Balto fans are the ones who suck ass at it o_O and Balto had no puppies if I remember right!
      It’s funny, like they never saw any other animation than Balto so they couldn’t even try and trace from something else when they found something they could not draw. Looking at real dogs or owning even one anatomy book would do wonders, but no.

      • January 1, 2011 at 6:44 pm

        … and Balto had no puppies if I remember right!

        In the first movie, he didin’t. In the second one, unfortunately:

      • 7 meo
        January 1, 2011 at 8:28 pm

        I can see why the same kind of pattern and story always attract people (heck, I’ve re-started my pokemon games for at least 100 times over and I still like how it goes) but there’s a limit. It has been reached, I think because I’ve seen so many people complain that these bring nothing new anymore and they want realism.
        Might be because when you start something familiar you do it because you enjoyed it for the first time. When I start reading something I want to see something that’s… well, you know, clichés are fun when they’re used with well (I really love TvTropes so I actually enjoy spotting certain elements in stories), but when it comes to dog comics no one doesn’t even seem to TRY. It’s almost always “Young Herpadurp avenging his father by killing Evil Durpaherp” and there are never any real twists, no interesting sideplots, no nothing :I

        Someone defended dog comics by saying “well, human comics are repetitive too”, but unlike dog comics “human comics” doesn’t seem to be a genre (yes, it’s SAD when “dog comic” is a GENRE and that serves to show how utterly boring they’ve become) and nowadays even your average magical warrior girl has more variety than your average canine warrior (I once read an amateur webcomic about a magical girl who was secretly… a tooth fairy! The comic wasn’t really that good otherwise, but it was hellova more creative than 75% internet dog comics I’ve seen!).

        I’m not really bothered by bad anatomy (heaven knows I forget I own two different “anatomy for artists” books) but when people who claim dogs are the most important thing EVER and explicitly refuse from drawing anything else (because everything else is boring (I know this because I used to be like that until I was… 13? or so – so yea I was a pretty retarded kid)) fail to notice that their favorite animal actually does not have eyes on their cheeks >_>

        But now I realized that dogs don’t have it that hard.
        Here’s a challenge: find me 5 different artists who draw cartoony (but not overtly comical) lions and/or other big felines and their style is NOT ripped from The Lion King >_<

        (also I love writing additional notes to my text (I'm sure you noticed. (I really am.)))

  3. 8 Vol
    December 31, 2010 at 10:53 pm

    Oh yes, yes, yes! I’ve been waiting for this ever since I heard you’d be dissecting Wurr. And thank you, this was a lovely read! I especially love your re-draws! That goofyfied fight scene is just… just beautiful. :’D

    I don’t know if I can say much else, even though I could blabber about Wurr for hours. (It has been proven. WP and I can go on brainstorming our comics for days and still have things left for poking, turning around and analyzing. Maybe because of this, I can’t really speak up on Wurr, cause I know so much about what happens “behind the scenes”. I know the reasons for why some scenes are what they are and so on, so I can’t have an opinion that isn’t biased by that.)

    BUT I do agree that this issue is definitely not WP’s masterpiece and the story barely gets going. It’s a shame in a way, because she really has learned a lot since the first pages that – I think – is now starting to show with the second part. I’m confident that as the story progresses, it will gain momentum and become more captivating. I know I’m thrilled about it, it’s just her job to make it work, and I’m fairly confident she will.

    • 9 Comic Dissector
      January 1, 2011 at 3:11 pm

      Bwahaha, glad to be of service!

      If you’ve helped with making this comic, I’d hardly call your opinion biased. You should hold a more informed opinion, actually. And isn’t it great to have friends who you can brainstorm with for days?? I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have my friends to “storm” with. Haha, one time I drew this 350+ long comic (sketched it out in full) and was like “Well what the shit will I do with this now?!” so I showed it to all my friends, and soon I’ll ask a friend to help me with the clothing of the characters.
      I really can’t draw anything else but cargo pants and t-shirts 😐
      It’s been collecting dust for about two years now while I’ve worked on it. I hope in a year it will be ready to be re-drawn and finished.

      Maybe that’s why it’s good the start was so slow. WP has become so much better now (seriously, when I saw the first pages of part two, I wondered for a while if that was a different comic! it was really impressive) so when the plot thickens, she has more skill.
      And you can’t really learn to do comics in any other way than by doing comics.

  4. January 3, 2011 at 9:44 pm

    Mielenkiintoista. Muuta en osaa sanoa 😀 Kansi on erikoinen, kun sitä vilkaisee nopeasti, se näyttää aika kauhelta paskalta, MUTTA kun siihen oikeasti keskittyy niin “hui saatana! täsähän on aika asiallista detailia!”
    Muutenkin aika jännän tapaus. Pistetään korvan taakse.

    Onko sulla muuten joku tietty “lähde” mistä aina nappaat näitä sarjiksia?
    Lordi ja tuo Vartiat (yh -_-) on vissiin ainoat jokka pystyy(/pystyin) bongaamaan peruslehtihyllyltä.

  5. 11 Kia
    January 4, 2011 at 3:21 am

    Yee! First comic you’ve dissected so far that I actually know beforehand! And to be honest, I was just as surprised as you were that this comic was so good, being what it is. My initial reaction was “ugh” but once I actually started reading it… well, I’m sure you know. The anatomy and details are just fantastic, and it’s definitely not your run-of-the-mill dog comic. After Blackblood I was sort of scarred but this comic gives me hope that the canine theme can be done well, and I’m waiting eagerly for more pages to see what direction she takes the story in. I feel like we’ve just gotten past the prologue, so it’s exciting.
    I’m excited for more dissections 8D It’s a pleasure reading your entries!

  6. 12 WolfPearl
    January 11, 2011 at 4:36 pm


    Okay, I swore to myself that I’d write a proper comment here as soon as I could make up one. I’m afraid that after these two or so weeks, I still can’t find words to say how awesome this dissection is.

    So, instead I have to comment this way: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v502/wolfpearl/dissectioncomment.jpg

    Apologies for my brains are unable to make up real word thingies, but this was one of the best things ever. Thank yous!

    Psst, your redraws are awesome!

  7. 13 Nowatar
    January 16, 2011 at 3:30 pm

    Täytyy nyt tulla viimeinkin ihan näin kommentoiden ilmaista miten äärettömän viihdyttävää luettavaa nämä blogimerkintäsi ovat! Asiallista ja PERUSTELTUA sarjakuvien liekitystä hauskalla tavalla…melkein sääliksi käy tulilinjalle sattuneita…melkein :’)
    Jatka vain ihmeessä samaan malliin! Mukavaa lukea aina välillä positiivisiakin arvosteluja sinulta. Olet pelastanut monta harmajaa päivääni 8DD

  8. January 29, 2011 at 4:41 pm

    This sounds so… odd… when speakin’ of a dog comic
    but oh god THOSE CHARACTER DESIGNS are just so AWESOME.
    (…really wanted to say gourgeous…teehee)
    And the first pages, picture tranforming to that main-character and
    the narration is so coooo-oooooool.

    Not so sure about the rest of the comic.

  9. 15 Lester
    May 28, 2011 at 7:59 am

    I keep reading “Wurst issue”. I can’t help it!

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