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Shunkaashuutou, Ms. Puukangas and influences

Oh yes, my lovelies, it’s our special friend Elli Puukangas at it again.

Or to be honest, this should be “At it for the first time” as this is apparently her oldest published work, which I should have dissected years ago,  but I was not able to get my grubby hands on it at the time.

Totally not Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

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Vartijat 2 – Guardians 2

They seriously did it. They made another episode, and I of course cannot shut up about it.

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Vartijat – Guardians

I think I’m due for a new post so.. here comes.

This month, I’ll examine and dissect a finnmanga for you. So, what the heck is a “finnmanga”? It’s basically a finnish sarjakuva-comic that is either traced from some famous anime like Gundam or Ginga(REALLY popular here) or imitated pathetically from the eastern style. Here is an artist’s interpretation of the event:

Based on true events

Based on true events

SO! Onward! This 130-page monster was alot of work to dissect. But I did it.

kawaiidesunipponnekoplllfffrrrrtttttttt.. perkele.

kawaiidesunipponnekoplllfffrrrrtttttttt.. perkele.

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