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Lordi 2

Oh god please not again..

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Ester Pärbergin Tarinoita – the Tales of Ester de Riere

Are you ready?

You better be fucking ready because this is

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Kane – Kotiinpaluu(Return to Home)

The Helsinki Comic Festival was truly a success. I bought a pig pile of comics form there and I am on the roll now.

Because I have dissected basically nothing else but finnmanga, I’m going to dissect a basic, usual to Finland “sarjakuva” now. Unfortunately I got more finnmanga for you after this but.. I don’t think Kane will be very pleasing either.

So.. ladies and gentlemen and sheep. This is the first time I have ever had to warn you of the content before and I am sad this stack of toilet paper had to take my warning virginity.

Im not even being witty here!
I’m not even being witty here!

If extreme and un-needed nakedness and violence isn’t your thing, I have plenty of work safe dissections beside this one. But if you’re ready to bear this abomination..

Here is my dissection of

Why even finnish comics always happen in New York!?
Why even finnish comics always happen in New York!?

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A brief introduction

Hello there.

I know what you are thinking, so I will clear few things out; Finland is a country and yes indeed we do have comic books and graphic novels here and no we do not live in igloos or have polar bears, sorry that’s Sweden you’re thinking about. Finland is a country that is so small that if a fly would land on a desk-globe 30cm wide and leave a footprint behind it would cover up the whole country, our night lasts 9 months and day 3, these are known as “winter” and “summer” in other countries. We are also generally very grumpy people who hate eachoter.

So it might not be hard to belive we spend alot of time inside our cottages drawing comics while intoxicated and that gives me alot of material to dissect for you. Alot of things have happened with finnish comic books for few years, it almost feels like we are finally going to make our cartoonists known in other countries and getting a bit more professional.. almost. Or to be honest it feels like we are stepping backwards and getting worse nowdays. Nevertheless, we have our own set of The Good, Bad and Ugly cartoonists here and I am going to introduce you to their comics and things they call “comics”. I will refer to finnish comic as we call it here as sarjakuva

This blog will be image-heavy and the first proper entry will be made when I and the guy who fixes computers are not drunk at the same time. That will take about month and a half by the looks of things.