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Wurr – First issue

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Shunkaashuutou, Ms. Puukangas and influences

Oh yes, my lovelies, it’s our special friend Elli Puukangas at it again.

Or to be honest, this should be “At it for the first time” as this is apparently her oldest published work, which I should have dissected years ago,  but I was not able to get my grubby hands on it at the time.

Totally not Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

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Oblivion High – Osa 1 Vaihdokas (Part 1 Transfer Student)

More of the previous artist, who did the “Vesi Oli Mustaa”(Water Was Black) I was told by a mysterious anonymous person that she has improved! So I went on my happy quest of snark and cynicism and opened the book that has a cover like this:

My hair is matted. And oh crap my belts open again.

My hair is matted. And oh crap my belt's open again.

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Vesi Oli Mustaa – The Water Was Black



SO! After getting lost into the woods in a drunken haze, my friend forgot to give me the comic I was going to dissect next. I HATE YOU! WE’RE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE!

..just kidding I love you please come back dude ❤

My plan was to take two Nina Von Rüdinger’s comics and snark them as a one chunk but.. this ended up better this way because every single page deserved their own dissection and redline. Honestly. Every page is absolutely terrible. Let’s start from the cover like always

Im either drunk or seducive

"I'm either drunk or seductive"-look

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